Jock Jams Radio Special

QIC:  GeekSquad

Date: Monday 5/18

PAX: Cable Cutter, Couch Potato, Ducktales, Gretel, Hasbro, Milkman, Mr. Clean, Pumpkin, Slois Lan & U-Turn 

AO: The Huey 


60 degrees. It’s starting to get warmer in the mornings.


SSH x 14

Mountain Climbers x 14

Proscuitto’s Gold Chains x 14

Merkins X 14

SSH x 15

Moroccan Night Clubs X 15

Forward LB Arm Circles X 15

Backward LB Arm Circles x 15

Overhead Presses x 15

SSH X 16

Then run a warmup lap around the Pavilion, cross the bridge, around the basketball court and back out to the back parking lot.

The Thang

The Thang – Rotation Station
30 sec each exercise: 15 sec rest in between stations

Parking Lot Party In back parking lot,

Socially Distanced circle for total of 11 stations

1. Lunges

2. Burpees

3. Carolina Dry Dock

4. Jailbreak out and mosey back

5. Squats

6. Plank jacks

7. Bear Crawls out 6 lines and back

8. Kareokes

9. Monkey humpers

10. Pickle Pointers

11. Alternating shoulder taps

We completed 2 full rotations and a partial 3rd before time for Marys

The PAX led in cadence of 15 around the circle until time expired 

  1. Crunches
  2. LBCs
  3. Rocky 4s


Without a community, you are simply a community.” A commodity is something that can be removed, replaced, be made better.

Lead and build your community. Create a place of belongship.

“Belongship is about creating a community that is based on three things: trust, safety and care. If you nail that, you’re going to build an amazing organization.” – Sangram Vajre

Keys to Positive Disruption (LeaderCast 2020)

1) Picture of success depends heavily on Clarity. Focus on your problem, rather than the product.

2) Extreme Focus. Own the narrative for momentum. When you create a community, the people drive the change. Give it away!

3) Authenticity Trust and credibility are the multipliers. Whoever cares the most wins!”

4) Kindness “Double down on kindness.” It’s a basic human need.

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less” -CS Lewis

Final Charge: Don’t become a commodity, fight hard to become the community you desire to be


“There are 3 used condoms over here by where I am working out.” – Hasbro

“what exercise did you just do?” , “I can’t remember” , “Every workout requires a Guns N Roses song to be played.” &

“Alright, since we didn’t do it correctly, let’s knock out 10 burpees as a penalty.” – Your QIC.

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