Who Climbs Ladders when Already on the Mountain Top? Smackdown, that’s Who

QIC:  Gusher

Date: 05/26/2020

PAX: Bumblebee, The Count (respect, respect), Blindside, Pomade, Laces Out (respect), FNG-Rodeo, NordicTrac, FNG-Snatch, Whittler, Dundee, Burrito, Afterbirth, Hambone, Recycle, Prosciutto

AO: Smackdown


Nice crisp mountain air, 64 degrees, 1mph wind from the east. Humidity at 91% (good for an A- on a ten point scale), Dew Point at 63; atmospheric pressure coming in at a nice 30.06in. UV Index at 1, so not much need for the SPF. Condition of track, bumpy.


Mosey around track and then gathered in a large distantly safe circle to embark upon the following: Willie Mays Hays (IC); SSH (IC); Forward Fold (IC); Imp. Walkers (IC); FAC/RAC/Ray Lewis (IC).

The Thang

Each dude moseyed to a personal coupon containing the stat sheet for the day’s activities.
Ten Rounds; between each round run across field and return to coupon to climb the next rung.

Round 1: 5 Burpees (run); Round 2: 5 Burpees, 10 overhead press (run); Round 3: previous rounds plus 15 BBSU (run); Round 4: previous plus 20 merkins (run); Round 5: previous plus 25 curls (run); Round 6: previous plus 30 mountain climbers (run); Round 7: previous plus 35 monkey humpers (run); Round 8: previous plus 40 SSH (run); Round 9: previous plus 45 LBCs (run); Round 10: previous plus 50 squats (run). Go back down ladder if time permitted.


Addressed the great gap between our understanding of events/circumstances in our own lives or greater issues and God’ understanding of events. He knows all and is in control working his purposes even when we do not understand. Mentioned the life of Joseph, who was sold into slavery at 17 by his brothers, then imprisoned being false accused and forgotten in prison until he was 30 yrs old. Then he was promoted to second in command and oversaw resources during time of prosperity. Then two years into the famine his brothers came to Egypt for grain. After 22 years of not knowing why things happened as they did, he was able to trust God, and then could say, “what you meant for evil, God meant for good.” We do not always understand why things happen in our lives, but God has never told us to understand, but to trust him and love him. Heidelberg Catechism question: ‘what comfort does it give to you that God governs all things?’ Answer: ‘That we may be patient in adversity, thankful in prosperity, and confident in our faithful God and Father who says that nothing will separate us from his love. Have a mindset of trust that leads to patience in adversity and thankfulness in prosperity.


Due to extended distance during warmups, it was difficult to hear with clarity and precision. But it sounded like someone bought shoes at Sears Roebuck or something. Maybe a sweet pair of Traxxxx or Pony Hi-tops. Burrito loves mid-90s grunge music apparently. A lot. Something about it being better than a girlfriend in highschool; may explain why he works out in those sweet new glow in the dark Doc Martens. More lawyers added to Smackdown, but this time better hide yo’ wife, definitely better hide yo’ children.


No news is good news.

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