Dora turns 11 at the Boneyard

QIC:  Sidekick

Date: 06/23/2020

PAX:  Dolly, Candu, iron Butt, rodeo, Lady Scot, Vsquared, Sunburn

AO: Boneyard


71 and muggy


NO SSH. Thats right I said it.

Forward Fold ICX15; left over right ICX8; Switch ICX8; Supermans; Updog; downdog; seal claps ICx10; Overhead Claps ICx10; Shoulder press ICx10; Squats ICx15

Mosey around the front of the rec center and over to the picnic tables

The Thang

11s Round 1

Decline Mercans and Squats

Mosey to the Incline

Dora –

Partner up. Run is to the top of the parking lot and back

50 Burpees

150 Mercans

100 Imperial Squats

Mosey back to picnic tables

11s round 2

Ircans and box Jumps

Mosey to flag



Balance and well roundedness. We all need balance in our lives. We all need to improve on our weaknesses. Successful people don’t just focus on their strengths, but improve their weaknesses to become a more well rounded leader.


Box Jumps are hard


Convergence at Battlefield on July 4th at 7 AM.

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