1 Amigo, 2 Amigo, 3

QIC:  Hambone

Date: 07/13/2020

PAX: Blindside, Blue, Burrito, Dundee, Flute, Friar Tuck, Money Ball, Mr. Met, NordicTrack, Recycle, Teflon, The Count, White Lightning

AO: Lions Den


Clear & a moist sultry 68 degrees with 95% humidity


Short & Sweet

The Beginning: SSH

The Stretch: Forward Fold, Iraqi Tea Time, Left Over Right / Right Over Left or Vice Versa

The Shoulders: LBACs, BBACs

The End: SSH & Mosey

The Thang

Upper, Lower, Abs, & Cardio in the Courtyard

A little friendly competition had the Pax split into 4 Teams with 3-4 per team rotating through 4 stations

Upper Body: Merkins, Tricep Dips, Decline Shoulder Taps – Each member does a different exercise and rotates through the exercises after a member has done 25 Merkins

Lower Body: Box Jumps, High Knee Step Ups, Monkey Humpers – Each member does a different exercise and rotates through the exercises after a member has done 20 Box Jumps

Abs: American Hammers, LBCs, Flutter Kicks – Each member does a different exercise and rotates through the exercises after a member has done 25 American Hammers

Cardio: (This Station was timed) Starting in front of the Courtyard with 5 Burpees, run down in front of the school and up the hill to the 5th light pole, 5 Burpees, then run back to the Courtyard ending with 5 more Burpees. Total run of ~200 yards and 15 Burpees

After the 6 completed the last 5 Burpees the timer stopped & each team rotated stations

The Catch of the Friendly Competition was teams were not competing against each other, rather competing against themselves. In Round 2 each team had to beat it’s posted Cardio time from Round 1 or suffer a penalty. Happy to report that each team beat their Round 1 time by at least 10 seconds and we were penalty free

With 5 minutes remaining, Moseyed back to the flag for a COP round of Answer the Bell. Sets of 1 minute Coupon Exercises where the Q called DOWN and Pax ‘answered’ with UP. Exercises included Overhead Tricep Extensions, Full Curls, Overhead Press, & Bent Over Rows. When the Pax member could no longer answer the bell, they brought the coupon down and did Coupon Squats for the remainder of the minute


Recycle passed along ‘Freed To Lead’ to me to read a couple weeks ago. I initially skimmed the book and thought to myself I knew what it was about. After 4 or 5 days I actually started reading the book and found out I had no clue what it was about, per the usual.
I haven’t yet finished the read, but I have learned a bit more about the 3 F’s of F3:

The 1st F, Fitness, is not just about getting in shape, but rather about Accountability & Staying in Shape. A Magnet that keeps you coming back

The 2nd F, Fellowship, is not just about enjoying your time with the follow men of F3, but rather having the opportunity to build authentic relationships that stick, the Glue if you will

The 3rd F, Faith, is not just about being around like minded men, but rather being part of something bigger than yourself and having that make real changes in our communities, the Dynamite

Given that it is 3 Amigos week at the Lions Den, my challenge to the Pax is to reach out to each other through Group Texts, Slack Channels, HDHH, Convergences, whatever means possible and make a connection. Hold ourselves accountable and start planting seeds for some meaning relationships.

As Men we do not show up at F3 for Ourselves, rather we show up for the men standing beside each of us


Not a lot of Mumble Chatter this morning. We kept moving and with all of the Hum-Didity in air it seemed to quiet the Pax. However, we did learn that Burrito is in the market for a Weed Eater. He said he’s never had one and wanted to try something new


Shout out to White Lightning for his recent promotion at work, filling a leadership opportunity

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