Hey Mate! Where’s the Drive-Thru

QIC:  Mr. Clean/Oil Can

Date: 07/13/2020

PAX: Band Camp, Big Al, Coldplay, Cleaver, Footloose, Gretel, Hasbro, Hotwheels, Magnum, Milkman, Ollie, Padre, Postman, Roomba, Slois Lane, U-Turn

AO: Shot House


Thick. This was mentioned at least 12 times.


Willie Mays Hays x10 IC

Forward Fold x10 IC

Big Arm Circles/Reverse x10 IC

Windmills x10 IC

Merkins x10 IC

The Thang

This was a Co-Q several months in the making. It finally came to fruition! The American & Aussie Posse. Oil Can took the COP and the following potion of The Thang

Mosey Through the Drive-Thru
13 Burpees

50 American Hammers

50 Lazy Side Hops

13 Nature Destroying Dive Bombers

Mosey through the Drive-Thru (Lap) — Pax completed 3 rounds. Q passed to Mr. Clean

Take Your Koala Bear to Work Day

Pax Moseyed the straight. Koala Bear Crawled the Curve. Moseyed the Straight. Rode their Kangaroo in the next curve.

Every Aussie Surfs

Same as above but surfed (shuffled) the curves.

Each lap the pax completed an exercise at each turn: 1. 25 Crocodile Chomps, 2. 25 Squats, 3. 25 Flutter Kicks, 4. 25 Plank Jacks


One might notice this workout was themed based upon stereotypes from the countries represented.

YHC began with a word about stature. Compared to YHC, Oil Can is small in stature. Compared to some of the Huey HIM, YHC is small in stature. Ironically, during the workout, someone pointed the ease in which Oil Can completed reps due to his “130 pound frame”.

Perspective is an amazing thing. Today’s exercise numbers and exercises were chosen to honor Oil Can. He’s 25 (almost) and those were some of his favorites. Additionally, he comes from Melbourne. This is a city often underestimated for its cultural significance to Australia, ironic again, considering its the second most populous city. Again, perspective.

While small in stature, Oil Can’s impact is NOT small in stature. He is a true HIM for our community.

Shouldn’t we all take a lesson from this? A young man, from a foreign land, came here, now is a part of F3. Takes a lot of courage, Grace, and being intentional for him to do what he does.

Can’t we also be graceful? Courageous enough to to be compassionate while holding strong to our sense honor?


Is Hixson’s mascot a dawg or something — nothing else said mattered after that statement.


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