Field of Dreams…Plus some Sweat!


Date: 07/27/2020

PAX: 11 Total – Blindside, Burrito, Flute, Friar Tuck, Hambone, Money Ball, Rodeo, Teflon, Turtle, Zena

AO: Lions Den


77 Degrees


Warm up from P/L area with Mosey around toward Baseball/Softball Field and a nice grassy hill to utilize…  Warm up was to do 11’s with 1 Squat at top of hill, run down to bottom and do 10 Merkins, run back up and rinse and repeat until you do 10 Squats at top and 1 Merkin at bottom of hill and end back at top of hill.  

The Thang

Field of Dreams: 

Four Bases with 4 Exercises at each base.  First Base drives all movement for other bases.  When those at First Base complete their reps and set all PAX with AYG to next base and do AMRAP until First Base PAX instructs everyone to move. 

Round 1: First Base – Burpees (10 Reps) – Second Base – Merkins – Third Base – Lunges – Home Plate – LBC’s – All PAX rotate through all bases.  

Round 2: First Base – Mountain Climbers (4 count x 10 Reps) – Second Base – Chuck Norris Merkins – Third Base – Squat – Home Plate – Flutter Kicks – All PAX rotate through all bases.

Round 3: First Base – Plank Jacks (4 Count x 10 Reps) – Second Base – Diamond Merkins – Third Base – Monkey Humpers – Home Plate – American Hammer – All PAX rotate through all bases.

Round 4: First Base – Imperial Walker (4 Count x 10 Reps) – Second Base – Wide Merkins – Third Base – Jump Squats – Home Plate – Freddy Mercury – All PAX rotate through all bases. 

Move to Bleacher – High Knee Step Ups to top of bleachers (7 Steps) – Step Down to bottom and do 20 Incline Merkins – High Knee Step Up to top and step down and do 20 Decline Merkins – High Knee Step Up to top and step down and do 20 Dips. 

Move Back to Field and Rinse and Repeat entire 4 Rounds and Bleacher routine.  Mosey up grassy hill to hardtop.  All PAX stay together and mosey back to P/L – FLAG 



Spoke about the need for more than just prayer as our religious freedoms are coming under attack.  Nehemiah 1:1-11 is an excellent reading on what power 1 man of faith can do!  

BALL OF MAN: Prayers out to Flute’s Brother and Sister on the news about their unborn child.  Prayers for our leaders. 



A lot of good Mumble Chatter urging brothers on along the way!  Work on form…especially Squats…Keep Back Straight, drop rear end first and everything will follow!!! 


2.0 Day cancelled until further notice.

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