Tour de Parliament

QIC:  Coldplay

Date: 8/5/2020

PAX: Mr May, Mayhem, Woodrider, Hey Buddy, Cowbell, John Doe, Sousa, Blackout, Cavity Search, Toe Jelly

AO: Parliament


Cool, dark, wet grass, high-60s


A quick mosey around the track, followed by a little warm-up and stretching:

  • 25 SSH
  • 10 count Forward Fold
  • 10 count Forward Fold (for John Doe)
  • 10 count Third Grade Exercise
  • 15 count little baby arm circles
  • 15 count reverse little baby arm circles
  • 15 count raise the roof
  • 15 count moroccan nightclub
  • 15 count chinook
  • 25 SSH

The Thang

Once the Pax were warmed up, we started some jukebox exercises:

Mosey to the OHS parking lot:

Song 1 – Roxanne – The Police – The Pax performed Balboas on the curb during the song and a burpee every time “Roxanne” was sung.

Mosey to the front of the building:

Song 2 – something from Pandora – The Pax performed “the Steps of Parliament”; Ladder Merkins up the steps for the duration of the song.

Mosey to the field in front of the church:

Song 3 – Black Betty – Ram Jam – The Pax performed Flutter Kicks during the song and a Big Boy Sit-up every time “Bam-ba-Lam” was sung .

Mosey to the practice football field:

Song 4 – Yeah – Joe Nichols – The PAX held high plank during the song and performed a Mountain Climber each time “She” was sung and a Plank Jack each time “Yeah” was sung.

Mosey back to the track for COT.


QIC spoke about leveraging the support network of F3 Chatt. Men from all walks of life suffer in the gloom together. It’s a rare opportunity to be surrounded by such a diverse group of men.


There was considerable MC regarding the abrasion one gets while performing big boy sit ups on pavement or concrete. Proper name still TBD.

Also, Joe Nichols is a national treasure and would never celebrate non-consensual coitus.


Be on the look out for upcoming volunteer opportunities with F3.

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