How many Ircans again?

QIC:  Sidekick

Date: 08/25/2020

PAX:  Ramos, FNG- Small Beans, Lite Brite, Oil Can, Flop, Back Pew, Omaha, Cupid, Kowbell, Pink Panther, She Shed, Skitch, Rollback, Doodles, Best In Show, Sunshine

AO: Hill City


78 degrees and 99.9999999% Humidity


SSH ICX20; Forward Fold ICX12; 3rd Grade Exercises ICX15; LBAC-REVERSE- Moroccan Night Club – Ray Lewis ICX12 each; Slow Squats ICX15; Mercans ICX12

The Thang

First time on Q at Hill City since maybe the Tuff Muff and it showed. One of my favorite spots over at Hill City. I appreciate the opportunity guys
Gaining Elevation
Mosey over to Mt. Madoriyama

Count off by 2s

Group 1 goes to bottom of cement “stairs”

Box Jump – 1 Ircan; Box Jump – 2 Ircans; Box Jump – 3 Ircans; repeat adding 1 Ircan each step

Group 2 – Hold plank on sidewalk

So, time away can make you forget things. There are 16 steps. I was thinking 10 tops. So I offered the modification to cap the ircans at 10. Some obliged, some did not.

Once complete, Group 2 Bear crawled half way up the Mt. to a marker (the golden shovel of Gloom) knocked out 10 mercans; jail break to top of hill and get 10 BBSU; run down to relieve your partner.

Flap Jack and repeat. That is 136 Ircans for those counting at home

Next we completed a series of trips up the hill in our groups

#1 Bear Crawl to shovel, 10 Mercans, Jail Break, 10 BBSU, run down – Group 2 – Squats till partner arrives; Flap Jack and repeat

#2 Bear Crawl to shovel, 10 Shoulder taps (hard count), Jail Break, 10 BBSU, run down – Group 2 – Imperial Squats to return; Flap jack and repeat

#3 Bear Crawl to Shovel, 10 Man makers (Hard Count), Jail break, 10 BBSU, run down – Group 2 – LBCs to return; Flap jack and repeat

#4 – Jail Break the whole hill, 10 BBSU, run down; Group 2 – Recover; Flap jack and repeat;

Mosey back to the flag

Random Burpees that I will explain later


Compressed due to time. Leave no man behind is a core principal of F3. We did a good job supporting the 6 today. Growth occurred.


Had a couple of late arrivals to the flag so the rest of us knocked out some random burpees while we waited. You guys did awesome, don’t be strangers


Kids day on 8/29 at Landfill

Labor Day Convergence, 7 AM at Detention in Hixson

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