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QIC:  Backpew


PAX: Moneyball, Burrito, Friar Tuck, Snow Cream, Hasbro, Hambone, Flute, She Shed, Xena, Blindside, Omaha, Sugar,  U Turn

AO: Lion’s Den


Very lite rain on and off. Humid!!


[Details of the wa

  1. SSH x 20
  2. Imperial walker X 15
  3. Squats X 20
  4. SSH XS 20
  5. Burpees X 12
  6. Toy Soldiers Lap
  7. Forward Fold
  8. Willie Mays
  9. Windmills

The Thang

Circle merken challenge

6 Light Suicide (All done when first one done) 

Partner Dora

  1. Linked Merkens X 100
    1. 4 Light Suicide (All done when first one done) 
  2. Linked Jump Squats @ 100
    1. 3 Light Suicide (All done when first one done) 
  3. Linked Burpees X 50
  4. A few Mike Tysons/Joe Louis’s

Sprint races



  1. Story of my 2 NYC Marathons
    1. My wife pushed me to my best time.
    2. No pain if I didn’t push
  2. How are we pushing ourselves 
    1. F3 Accountability
    2. Fissure/Burrito
      1. Ask someone to push you…. Even if it makes you mad at the time:)
  3. Ecclesiastes 9:10 – Whateverk your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…


Everyone was beat at the end…. good times. Thanks to Flute and Snow Cream for helping us all finish the Suicide runs.

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