AMRAP Challenge

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 08/26/2020

PAX: Dundee, Ohms, Nordic Trac, Blue, White Lightening, Cleaver, Sherlock, Geek Squad, Roomba, and U-Turn

AO: Detention 


Muggy. Upper 70’s.


SSH x20 IC
Forward Fold OYO

The Thang

The M provided a workout called “The AMRAP Challenge”. YHC figured with the “theme” of today’s workout and COT. he’d use it for the workout.
AMRAP Challenge

AMRAP #1: Squats

AMRAP #2: WD-40 Merkins (Wide/Diamond)

AMRAP #3: Apollo Ohnos

AMRAP #4: Mountain Climbers
AMRAP #5: Hold High Plank Position

AMRAP #1: Lunges

AMRAP #2: Side Straddle Hops

AMRAP #3: Burpees

AMRAP #4: High Knees
AMRAP #5: High Planks

AMRAP #1: Baby Arm Circles

AMRAP #2: Low Plank

AMRAP #3: American Hammers

AMRAP #1: Super-Slow-Motion Push-Ups

AMRAP #2: Smurf Jacks

AMRAP #3: Side to Side Toe Taps

AMRAP #1: Colt 45 (15-Seal,15 Overhead, 15 Presses)

AMRAP #2: Reverse Crunches

AMRAP #3: Superman

AMRAP #4: High Plank
AMRAP #5: Tuck Jumps


Plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. In leadership, we must exercise resolve in decision making. Decision makers need a large degree of independence, or self-guidance/motivation while understanding both followers and other leaders could possibly be dependent on their leadership for success. In the AMRAP Challenge, Pax needed to exhibit an independent drive to complete as many reps as possible while understanding they were partnered with another to create a final product. In essence, this is our mission. We plant, grow, and serve. We understand we must be self-motivated and independent while understanding we must use our F3 brothers to continue reaching to completion of the mission.



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