The Wagon Wheel Rolls on

QIC:  Sidekick

Date: 09/05/2020

PAX: 8 Track, Allstate, Early Bird, Pebbles, Toe Jelly

AO: Battlefield


64 degrees with a welcome nip in the air


SSh ICX25; Forward Fold OYO; Willie Mays Hays ICX12; Slow Squats ICX12; 3rd grade exercises ICX12; Right over left & Switch ICX8 each; Mercans ICX10

The Thang

This is the Maiden Voyage of the Wagon Wheel. Just imagine a wagon wheel with a hub, spokes, and the wheel. That’s basically it
Title of exercises or routine
Wagon Wheel

8 stations around the mostly wound track at the battlefield.

Mercans X15; Block Press X15; Jungle Boi Squats X15; Big Boi Sit Ups X15; Block Curls X15; SSH X 20 (4 count); Imperial Squats X15; Crab Claps X15 (4 Count)

Split up a with a PAX at a station individually. Complete the exercise on the paper and run to the hub, which is marked by the Golden Gloom Shovel. Perform 8 Burpees and run back to your station. Complete the prescribed exercise again. Run around the track to the next station.

Repeat until all 8 stations have been completed.

Once complete, we took a break and moseyed over to the pool house.

Wall sits of varying lengths with varying arm exercises. Mosey back to the wheel

Round 2 needed a compressed time, so we only did 1 burpee at the hub. Again, we rotated through until all 8 stations were completed.



Busy time of year. Performance reviews starting, yearly budget reviews, kids in school, etc etc etc. Stay centered and focused on your priorities. Influence what you can control and leave the rest for others.


I think the wheel was a success. PAX appeared to be amply tired


Labor Day Convergence at Detention. 7 AM on 9/7

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