Iron Pax Week 2 – Shot House

QIC:  Dundee

Date: 09/09/2020

PAX: Ducktales, Blue

AO: Shot House


70 degrees and the fresh cut grass was wet. But there are no perfect conditions for what we were about to do.


No COP this morning. Which is ironic, since the name of the exercise was Wheel of Misfortune and there was a lot of pain involved.

The Thang

Run 400 meters
10 Thrusters with coupon
Then complete the following circuit, doing a rifle carry with your coupon 25 yards to each station, do the exercises, then rifle carry back to the flag, 10 more thrusters.
Station 1: 25 Decline Merkins (okay, we’ve got this)
Station 2: 25 Blockees (That’s a cute name. How hard can it be? Wait … you mean Man Makers? Fu…….)
Station 3: 25 Weighted Squats (okay, getting it back. We can do this)
Station 4: 25 Kettlebell Swings (if I do a few extra of these, can I skip the rifle carry?)
Station 5: 25 Vertical Block Chest Press (my shoulders appreciate the variation, VBCPs)
Station 6: 25 Alpos (cross-armed upright row)

After the last set of thrusters following station 6, start over with the 400 meter run and repeato. Goal is maximum reps in 43 minutes.


Blue delivered the COT, a meditation on the first line of Psalms 46: 10: “Be still, and know that I am God.” He also asked that we consider the statement: “I can be present and not be in His presence, but I can not be in His presence and not be present.” (YHC offers apologies to Blue for the paraphrase).


Blue wasn’t just at the front of the pack this morning, he pushed himself and the rest of the PAX. Excellent job, Blue.