Labor Day Convergence at Detention

QIC:  Dundee

Date: 09/07/2020

PAX: Ramrod, Sousa, Purple Rain, DNF, Magnum, Milkman, Radiohead, Bernie, Money Ball, Burrito, Sunburn, FNG-Rachel Ray , Ascot, Sunscreen, Doodles, White Lightning, Cleaver, John Doe, Snatch, Sidekick, Oil Can, Skitch, Free Time, Backfire, Dolly, Deer Jack, Lanyard, Teacher’s Pet, Four Eyes, Hasbro, Xena, Hambone, Soaker, Gusher, Mr. Clean, Three Skin, Iron Butt, Mayhem, Gaylord, U-Turn, FNG-Fly Rod, Madoff, Tomahawk, Blue, FNG-HIPAA, Recycle, NordicTrack, Back Pew, Omaha, Roomba, Blindside

AO: Detention 


Perfect. Clear. 60 degrees. Just like I planned it.


SSH x20 IC
Forward Fold OYO
Willy Mays Hays X12 IC
Burpees x5 OYO
SSH x15 IC
Shoulder Blasters IC x15 each exercise

The Thang

Dora Corners Relay style

PAX split up into groups of four. There were three stations, each with a list of exercises to be performed for 400 reps total per group. All Pax run to first station together and leave a Pax from each group to start on those reps. Three remaining run to second station, leaving a Pax to start those. Two remaining go to third station. One starts exercises. Last Pax runs to first station and takes over reps from first Pax, who runs to second station to relieve second Pax and so on until all reps are complete.

Station one (400 reps each):
Dive Bombers
Carolina Dry Docks
Overhead claps

Station two (400 reps each):
Hillbilly Squats
Reverse Lunges
Jump Squats
Pickle Pointers

Station three (400 reps each):
Mountain Climbers (count right leg)
Reverse crunches
Plank Jacks


In 1995, Yellowstone National Park was facing ecological disaster. An overabundance of elk was changing the environment in ways even the rangers and ecologists didn’t understand. To resolve this, they released a pack of 8 wolves in the park. They didn’t hem them in to a specific fenced area of the park, they released them to just be wolves and do what wolves do. The wolves hunted the elk and then the unexpected started happening. Not only did the elk herds thin, they changed their behavior. As a result, some of the trees and other flora began to grow abundantly. In doing so, the beaver population started to recover. The beavers built dams. those dams created freshwater pools that aided in reinvigorating the fish in the area. It also restored water to the water table and aquifers under the park. That improved irrigation in other areas and helped the plantlife recover there, which attracted other wildlife that had been sparse recently to return to the park.

In 2016, F3 released a pack of wolves into Chattanooga. Those wolves did wolf things, and as a result, four years later, the city has 16 AOs — about to open another — and has attracted a community of men and developed those men into leaders.


YHC would like to express regret in choosing dive bombers. My sincerest apologies to all who did Iron Pax the following day.