Hill City Herros

QIC:  Fissure

Date: 09/24/2020

PAX: Candu, Freetime, Chief, She Shed, The Count, Sunshine, FNG-Bjorn, Go Kart, Cupid, Lite Brite, Iron Butt, Skitch, Goose, Captain Wafer

AO: Hill City


Around 60 and drizzling


Mosey to Great Hall
10 x SSH IC
10 x Imperial Walkers IC
10 x willie mays hayes IC
10 x Fwd Fold IC
10 x iraqi tea times IC
10 x Slerkins IC
10 x low n slow squats IC
10 x SSH IC
Mosey to Mount Midoriyama

The Thang

20 x decline merkins on top of steps
sprint/mosey up Mt Midoriyama
37 x Jump shot squats aka Bobby Hurleys aka Tyler Herros
mosey down Mt Midoriyama
18 x decline merkins
sprint back up MM
37 x Tyler Herros
rinse and repeat until 2 decline merkins and the last 37 jump shot squats
Early finishers did 5 burpees then a hill run for the six

110 total decline merkins
370 total Tyler Herros

Mosey back to the flag


Tyler Herro, a rookie for the Miami Heat, scoring 37 points last night was all the inspiration I needed as a die hard Heat fan. Just kidding, of course, but I smelled a theme with a Hill City Q on tap.

His name is pronounced HERO! Hero is defined as a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. You don’t have to be in war to be a hero. We all have opportunities to be a hero at home or at work or wherever we go throughout the day.

The Count reminded us all that not all superheroes wear capes!


The Count rucked a million miles of hills prior to the workout and put us all to shame per usual. He would’ve been the first one done if he hadn’t lost count of his decline merkins. Love you, Count.

Our FNG today, Darrin Wall, works for a Swiss bank. Bjorn was tossed out as a name option because they thought it was a Swiss name? Tired brains! Bjorn, it is! Man, we’re good at naming new guys.

You have to be impressed with the efforts to keep social distance near the top of Mt Midoriyama. Some made sure to stop about 50 feet short of the top. You know, to keep distance!


Stay tuned for F3 Chattanooga 4th anniversary plans

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