Greatness lies just beyond the next rep

QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 09/22/2020

PAX: Burrito, Dolly, Fissure, Hambone, Jazzy Jag, Lanyard, Lockjaw, Pebbles, Purple Rain, Recycle, Sidekick, Sunscreen, Swingset, Threeskin, White Glove

AO: RidgeCut


59 degrees when I left the mountain. Slightly at or above dew point as the grass was misty. There may have been a lack of deodorant application amongst the participants as well. Caught a waft of something funky like an old batch of skunk.

Pre-beatdown convo with Purple Rain included sensible automotive choices and the only downfall of owning an early 2000s model Honda Accord; they simply don’t quit. The 2003 and 2004 ‘Desert Dust’ colored twins gazed upon field with excitement of what was upcoming.


Up straddle hop x 10 IC Left
Up straddle hop x 10 IC Right
SSH x 10 IC
IW x 10 IC
ST Squat x 10 IC
Leg Lifts x 10 OYO
Fwd Fold x who knows

The Thang

line up, 10 Burpees, sprint across field
line up, 9 Bs, sprint across field
line up, 8 Bs, sprint across field
line up, 7 Mike Tysons, sprint across field
line up, 6 MT’s, sprint
line up, 5 MT’s, sprint
line up, 4 Worst Merkin Ever’s, sprint
line up, 3 WME’s, sprint
line up, 2 WME’s, sprint
line up, 1 WME / 1 MT / 10 Bs, sprint

Circle up
10 bonnie blair, 10 lunges hard way, 10 jungle boi squats, 10 monkey humpers

Two-line indigenous peoples bear crawl sprints with merkin intervals (2 rounds)

Two-lines reformed – back to start. All pax in line plank, pax in very back frog hop / jump over planking pax to the very front (2 rounds)


College football returning means social media accounts for the schools/teams are really starting to churn out great content. There’s no better social media presence than the University of South Carolina. It’s a fact. The media department won the award last year for best team media dept; they may have won it back to back. And while that may be the only accolade we can claim over the last few seasons, it’s well deserved – and to that end – should be celebrated.

I drew inspiration from the clip they put out this week in advance of their first game against the Tennessee Vols. Great message and very inspiring.

The message was pretty simple. If you intend on being ‘Great’, you need to set your mind right to achieve that from the start. You need to set a standard for yourself to meet and exceed the bar that you’ve set. You don’t just wake up one day and be ‘Great’. There isn’t an accidental happenstance where you land on ‘Great’ without putting in hard work. You’re believing a lie if you think that’s how it works.

You work. And work. And work…And work more. Tirelessly, until you can’t anymore. You out work everyone else and yourself. Every set. Every rep. Every time you set out to do that one thing, you do it to your absolute best, attempting to do it better than the last time. In doing so, incrementally, you’ll achieve the greatness that lies just beyond the effort that you’ve put forth collectively.

I designed this workout with the that very theme in mind. We repeated the same or similar effort over and over again. Everyone had an opportunity to do each rep better than the last (or faster). The one who pushes himself each time, each rep, gets incrementally better. The last time being just as good or better than the first. That progress, that standard – that’s the path to greatness.


This was a real group of natural alphas this morning. I looked around and saw a ton of guys who lead. All walks of life. Business owners, business leaders, sales leaders, F3 leaders, family men. It was fun to see them. It’s even more special to know I am part of this with them.

But, I have to say it was a real blast. I was really grateful to see the guys just continue to pile out of their cars or show up running in with the flag. At one point, I offered for the group to split up and have someone else lead half the group to keep within social distancing guidelines. Based on the response from the group, my understanding is that they were never going to live with themselves if they didn’t get their chance in the ring with Prosciutto and his gold chain. All agreed to stay together. All for one! One for All! Goonie’s never say die!

I had music and it was working until it didn’t. Let this be a lesson, friends… if you don’t charge your music device, it won’t work as you expect. Class dismissed. Thanks Threeskin for the assist (he doesn’t read these; sorry not sorry)!

Sidekick’s blow-off valve is awesome. You should ask him about it. You should ask to touch it. It’s not weird.

Burrito’s timing inciting quotes from “Community” the show, are impeccable. The king of mumble chatter and my dear friend.

The three amigos are real and are in your city. Who knows where they’ll show up next, but when they do it’s a riot.


Pruett’s Happy Hour; Mark your calendars

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