Frosty Huey 11/3

QIC:  NordicTrack

Date: 11/03/2020

PAX: Roomba, Hasbro, Postman, Excel, Dundee, Slois Layne, Blue, Cleaver, U-turn, Doogie, Ducktales

AO: The Huey


Cold at 34. Concrete bleachers were slick from frost.


We will jog around the track and do some various stretches.

The Thang

Set 1

As a group, we will line up at one end of the parking lot. Do an exercise, then bernie to the other side and jail break back. Hold plank for the six, then 10 merkins.
50 Toe Merkins

25 Mountain Climbers (count each left)

50 Squats

25 Leg lifts

50 BBS

Set 2

Mosey to the Picnic tables

Partner up

P1 does 10 burpees, P2 does a rotation of 25 Gorilla Humpers, 25 Merkins, and 25 BBS to 100 burpees combined

Wrap up

Indigenous People run one lap, then back to picnic tables.

Circle Merkins to 5, then circle leg lifts to time.


Today is election day. There are a lot of strong opinions on either side of the fence. I would encourage everyone to remember why our country is great. There is a lot of lobbying to lead one to believe disaster will strike if the other party gets elected. At the end of the day, no one wants to see our country destroyed. No one wants to leave a disaster for our children and grand children to clean up. Instead of focusing on what divides us, focus on what unites us. The rest will sort itself out.


Had to modify because of the frost. Did not expect it on concrete bleachers.


Networking event on Thursday. Beer run later in November.

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