Burpee… What Burpee?

QIC:  threeskin

Date: 11/06/2020

PAX: Tatonka, Blackout, Woodrider, Cavity Search, Bernie, Shaq, Rollback, Bonsai, Little Debbie-Willy Loman 

AO: Parliament


Warmest morning of the week. Still chilly from the cold shoulder of the AOQs… Getting hotter from all the zingers!


Threeskin special: look it up, or ask pro to find it for you. It’s real.

Lets get to the practice field and warm up like the old days.

The rational organization of a burpee

[Is the burpee a rational, natural, or open system? Depends on your goal.]
If we break it up into parts, is it really a Burpee?
Good Mornings
Jog (silent J)
Traditional (not CrossFit) burpee
Jog (silent J)
Hand Release Merkins
Jog (silent J)
Jog (silent J)
Jump Squats
Jog (silent J)
Overhead Claps
Jog (silent J)

Just in case all this doesn’t count: F3 Blackout Burpees 31 in total (CrossFit Burpee)


Prepare for the transition: a succession plan.

After much study, it seems the biggest failures of many organizations are the results of a failed implementation. As leaders, we must prepare for the next chapter of our lives. King David was unable to do so in 1 Kings. However, Paul sets an excellent example in 2 Timothy. Identify opportunities in your life to plan ahead, be ready to pass the baton with the same vigor that you pursue your next steps.  


Conveniently, both AOQs had somewhere else to be. One (who shall not be named) posted a selfie in slack close to his AO. Proper form was used in his absence. Coldplay was missed.

The Moleskin’s proper pronunciation was discussed.

The Q can’t tell if it was sweat or dew…

Way to leave it all on the field Bonsai! That almost included your jacket and gloves….

It was great to meet “Big Deb”


Get on slack!!!

4 yr Anny, Beer Run

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