Your policy <> His policy

QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 11/06/2020

PAX: Backpew, Blindside, Blue, Burrito, Chief, Dundee, Fissure, Friar Tuck, Hasbro, Lookout (Willy Loman), Money Ball, NordicTrack, Recycle, Red Tees, Roomba, The Count

AO: Lions Den


The pre-F3 block procession to the startex was a thing of beauty. Well orchestrated and adherence to instruction was executed well. Thankful that F3 Chatt has big-brained PAX who can count and tally items without delay or confusion.

Red Bank UV Index was 0 but the light in the PAX eyes and hearts was easily a 10.

Disclaimer and Friar Tuck said lets get on with it, and so it did…


Stretching, Cadence, Carrying on about silly things, Chuck Norris jokes, SSH, [Insert Alan Parsons Project with Burrito calling the Bulls announcer intro], WMH, Windmill, Hamstring Stretch, ST merkins, minute plank, [queue Rhythm Is A Dancer] and warm up lap

The Thang

19:10 (Legs edition)
Box Jump / Exercise
Do total of 19 box jumps up steps and then the called exercise (10 reps each).
5 exercises called individually and the group Al Gore’d when finished to encourage and wait on the six.

Since there are ten rows on the visiting team side, one climb to the top and a second climb to the penultimate (Burrito) step equals 19. No reason to re-count that as that’s how math works.
The 5 movements:
1) Side Step Squats (yes, with Block); Box Jumps
2) Block Straddle Hop (just like it sounds w/ block); Box Jumps
3) Bonnie Blair’s (no block; hard count way); Box Jumps
4) Monkey Humpers; Box Jumps
5) Toe Merkins; Box Jumps

Transition Exercise and Move to Track
Left arm elevated merkin on block (10)
Right arm elevated merkin on block (10)
Hand-Release Merkin (9)

*5 Burpee Penalty for hands on hips/knees and bi-directional communication; insert shared leadership lesson from Dredd on communication and leading

19:10 (Arms edition)
Shrugs / Exercise
Similar to the above, 19 total shrugs performed and then a called exercise (10 reps each). Alternate shrug and exercise as we move along.
5 exercises called individually:
1) Block Swings (w/ block); Shrugs
2) Man Makers (w/ block); Shrugs
3) Curls (w/ block); Shrugs
4) Bent over rows (w/ block); Shrugs
5) Alpos (w/ block); Shrugs

Transition Exercise and Move to Steps
Left arm elevated merkin on block (10)
Right arm elevated merkin on block (10)
Hand-Release Merkin (9)

Repeat 19:10 Legs Edition once more

American Hammers
Flutter Kicks
Pretzel (L/R)


Buckle-up for a doozy

I work for a global company of over 75k employees. There are specific policies in place to keep the peace (? I really have no idea). One such policy is not to discuss religion or spiritual/personal faith and beliefs. **Sigh**

In May, I was helping a peer/co-worker with on boarding in his first couple weeks. Lots to learn and understand at a big company. Building rapport and in the midst of some conversation, he made mention that he was an atheist (he didn’t know the company policy yet). This was difficult for my ears to hear and harder for my brain to understand. My audible response to him at the time was, “Wow, okay…” in a dismissive sort of way. Anyone who knows me – knows that when I want to know something – I cannot help myself; but, alas…policy.

At that moment, if I could have, I’d have asked a thousand questions in under a minute. I didn’t and it ate me alive after that.

Wrestling with that for the last few months, I’ve often considered delicately challenging some of his personal feelings. I haven’t had that moment in recent months… until….

Just last weekend and this week, he’s been sick with fever/chill/upper respiratory symptoms; so, obviously – he thinks it’s covid. He’s feeling pretty terrible. But, during an all-team meeting (6 or so of us) he was casually sharing his conditions and made a comment with levity, “I think I just need Jesus”. The call went quiet for a few seconds…

My response, immediately without hesitation and with complete clarity, “Well, that would be a good start…” AHA! My moment!

In Matthew 10, Jesus is giving instruction to the 12 disciples, and particularly around verse 16 onward, he’s speaking about the types of persecution they will experience as he is sending them out ‘as sheep among wolves’. Then in verse 19 he shares that they will indeed be brought before kings, governors, judges and the like, and offers advisement.

19 But when they arrest you, do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given what to say, 20 for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.

Matthew 10: 19-20 NIV

This verse made me realize that in that moment with my co-worker, offering that truth in such a very clear, distinct and direct way, that was not me alone. I hadn’t even filtered the comment through my brain when I just blurted it out! Indeed, that guidance and encouragement spoken through me was direct from the Holy Spirit. All that personal worry and concern about how to handle it, how should I approach the topic, can I even do that given the policies and such… I’d never say that if I’d had to stop and think to say it first – I would have held back. After all said and done, I’m still employed and the Holy Spirit had it #handled all along.

I am so thankful for F3. I’m thankful we can share this with one another without overarching policy or some governing body telling what we can and cannot do. Amazingly, order and acceptance are not an issue here. We are able to engage with one another – all of us with differing viewpoints and opinions – without some ruling or guideline telling us how to behave or what topics we cannot discuss, and it is done with ease, respect and love of one another. There’s no second-guessing, there’s no fist fights or donnybrooks popping up in the parking lot after a COT. This is the culture we’ve created in F3, it is the culture we should share and carry throughout our communities.


Lots of hemming and hawing about the 2001 Space Odyssey playlist kick-off. Real-talk, though, after the fanfare and awesome celebration at the beginning, the end of the song actually gets kinda weird. Go Gamecocks.

Burrito and Chuck Norris jokes go together like peas and carrots

Recycle is in the Army and always has been. Thank you for your service.

We could have built a house with all the blocks strewn about the track; instead, we strengthened the foundations of men


Beer Run, Anniversary, Money Ball Convoy Q tomorrow

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