Open this yesterday.

QIC:  threeskin

Date: 11/12/2020

PAX: Deep Dish, 9 Volt, Clothespin, Mrs Baker, Tinkerbell, Rotorhead, Thin Mint

AO: The Battery


Wow, is this November?


threeskin special

The Thang

EMOM 11’s

All kinds of squats: EMOM for at least 12 sets

Burpees and Curls: 11s does that add up to 11 sets?

Yep, it was that basic. Hopefully it was that effective.


Prepare your successor, don’t dwell on things you wish you would have done. Spend as much time helping someone and you do taking your next step.


Not much convo… It was either the music or the beatdown.

Thanks to Clothespin for keeping time.


4 year Anny!!! Beer Run!

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