Keep Running

QIC: Xena

Date: 10/30/2020

PAX: Backfire, Backpew, U-turn, Burrito, Money Ball

AO: Lions Den


Cold and dry, nice clear sky.


Side Straddle Hop x20 IC

Forward Fold OYO

Slow tempo merkins IC x10

shoulder taps IC x16

slow tempo squats IC x15

IC x15 Big & x15 small circles, Moroccan Night clubs (Complain +15) Shoulder Blasters (HOLD) Repeat?

The Thang

Count 1-4, those are the groups for Jailbreak

Mosey Long Stretch, Jailbreak Short Stretch

50 Squats, al gore till six

50 push ups, hold plank until six

25 Burpees, plank until six

50 Sit ups, plank until six

40 Lunges, push ups until six

Coupon (Rifle Carry until six)

40 Curls

40 Squats

10-15 Man-makers

Circle up and Mary until time….


Life has good moments and lessons, lets enjoy those good moments.

But also remember to embrace the challenges and tough times as the lessons that shape us and make us better.

In the moment its hard but seek comfort in the knowledge that this too will pass and you will come out stronger, better and/or wiser.


Always a pleasure to be at Lions Den. It was a cozy group and the PAX opened up about current struggles and also great news.