Next Exercise Is In Cadence, Move Now, Start Please, Don’t Mess With My Mama

QIC:  Gusher

Date: 11/23/2020

PAX: Hambone (Respect), Joanna, Jenny Craig, Prosciutto, Burrito, Recycle

AO: Convoy


Seven high impact men embarked promptly in the morn on the mount on Monday to commence an employment of motions to improve within a milieu of manageable and mild mix of wind and amusement. On this one hundred and fifty-seven anniversary of the beginning of The Battle of Chattanooga (a decisive battle of the American Civil Way [or war of northern aggression or war of southern rebellion — depending on which vantage point one enjoys), no mention was made of this battle, save this space here. But discussion did ensue over the nature of the weather and the accuracy of the app that describes the same. One man who evokes the respect of all, earned a double respect by six. For the revered Hambone himself exited the vehicle in which he was chauffeured donning shorts. Not even Ernest Shackleton would venture out in such blistering wind conditions. Speaking of conditions, let us proceed. The temp was 38 degrees, but we’re only interested in the existential number, which had to be something akin to 27.6593 degrees. Wind sauntered in at a fast pace mosey from the north at 10mph. If seven pax are running south at 7.65mph in a 10mph headwind, the gusts take Lee Harvey Oswald type aim directly into the lungs for the nice aerobic burn. Seriously, Hambone (Respect) with his legs exposed faced that wind like a man, and YHC could have sworn he grabbed the wind by its proverbial horn and picked up his pace. He was not to be denied. Legend. In a hundred years it will be said, on November 23, 2020 Hambone braved the flurry and the flurry buckled. It will be more momentous than St. Crispin’s day, and we will tell our grandchildren and they will tell theirs of the legend of the marvel of Convoy. Humidity was 79%, a solid C+, room for improvement, needs to focus and not settle for mediocrity. The Dew Point was 32 degrees, always trying to follow in the shadow of the freeze zone, and lacking the confidence of knowing what its real purpose is in life. UV Index at 0. The UV Index adds no value to the morning, but in many ways, must be commended for its consistency. If one is literally not going to show up, it is better not to show up ever. Fortunately, six of the seven men wore very tight material to prevent freezing and exposure on their legs, save the aforementioned Hambone. But man, the wind. Pro tip for chilblain prevention: Wrap the front portion (toe side) of the feet with plastic wrap prior to placing foot into shoe. This will keep the toes warm while yet providing an environment for breathability. The stars were bright. Orion’s belt illuminated with extra flair. The dude is a cosmic prima donna. It was a good morning.


YHC needs to review the Q101 resource. Quarantine had a devastating affect on the memory. The Q could not for the life of him remember the right order of warm up commands. In an attempt to warm up, the PAX engaged in some form of Willy Mays Hays, Forward Fold, Some tea time exercise but without the tea, arm circles in the forward direction for an extended period of time, and some SSHs. Warm up was abandoned quickly as there was no count.

Mid-SizeIHill and a Predictable Tilt-a-Whirl

There is a big hill behind the school. Sometimes a man needs a hill, but not a big hill. But not a tiny hill. How about a mid-size hill to perform 7s of merkins and squats. A hill that, like a warm bowl of porridge, is just right. Like Lewis and Clark, we found that hill. And unlike Lewis and Clark, we did not need a canoe. Does exploration really need to be that hard? Not rhetorical, answer honestly.
The Circular Exercise of Four Stations in Four Rounds
Station 1: Merkins, Squats, SSH; Station 2: Plank Jack, Smurf Jack, LBS; Station 3: Mountain Climbers, Squat Jumps, Flutter Kicks; Station 4: Carolina Dry Dock, Bonnie Blair, BBSU.

Stations positioned around the track. Round 1: 25 reps; Round 2: 20 reps; Round 3: 15 reps; Round 4: 10 reps. Exercises done in group, mosey to next cone and hold Al Gore or Plank for the six. Proceed.


This is the beginning of the Thanksgiving Week. The verb and noun form of Thanksgiving occurs 62 times in the New Testament and covers a wide variety of things for which one is to be thankful for. A heart of thanksgiving needs to be cultivated as it is easier to complain or to take things for granted and assume all good things are deserved and all difficult things are unfair. However, we are encouraged to go through life and think through the ways and reasons for which we are thankful. This is one way in which we can cultivate an attitude of gratitude. And let us be thankful throughout the whole year, not just one week when a lot of tryptophan is consumed. After the last five weeks of Covid and quarantine, YHC was extremely thankful for the brothers of F3. It’s about more than exercise. The reality is greater than the thoughts, the thoughts are greater than words, but words are all we have to convey. So thank you, F3.


Joanna and Jenny Craig are machines in a workout like this. Methodical. And if there is anyone who wants to see perfect form on Al Gore, look no further than Joanna. He holds it with statue like perfection. Michelangelo could not carve a statue of this magnitude. And the added bonus, unlike Michelangelo, all PAX remained fully clothed. Burrito has a need for inner leg massaging. There was discussion as to the credentials of the one to apply said massage. Does it need to be a physician? Is there a number of band members (of the rock genre) where it is just too many? “Hey mom, did you hear my solo?” If not all members of the band can fit on the stage is it too many? Canada has produced some fine singers, Nickelback was not mentioned in the discussion. Crash Test Dummies include poets such as T. S. Eliot in the songs, which raises the issue of the ironic use of “Dummies.” And speaking of ironic, Alanis Morrisette made the list, which is ironic don’t you think? And what is really ironic is the use of ironic, not the actual lyrics of the song. The lyrics tell a story of unfortunate circumstances, not irony. So, to ask, “isn’t it ironic?” to unfortunate circumstances is incorrect, unless one wants to slip some irony past the listeners. Canadians are fantastic northerly neighbors and very sly. The Convoy track is so soft.


Prayers offered for several family members in need of intercession.

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