Thanksgiving Eve

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 11/25/2020

PAX: Shawshank, Toe Jelly, WoodRider, Blackout, Coldplay, John Doe, Bonsai, Craw Daddy, Wrecked Em, Abercrombie, Roll Back, and Meow Mix

AO: Parliament


Warmish. Suddenly it was in the 50’s. We agreed this was a very 2020 thing. We switched to the 50’s out of nowhere, yet it was so windy it still felt almost in the 30’s.


SSH x20 IC

Foward Fold OYO

Willie Mays Hays x15 IC

SSH x15 IC

The Thang

YHC main goal was to take a beatdown over the river worthwhile to the HIM who showed up for a “visiting Q”. My hope is each Pax got what they paid for this morning.

4 Corners Escalator 

10 Burpees / Bear Crawl

20 Jump Squats / Sprint

30 Yoga Squats / Bear Crawl

40 Monkey Humpers / Sprint to Start 

40 Monkey Humpers / Bear Crawl

30 Yoga Squats / Sprint

20 Jump Squats / Bear Crawl

10 Burpees

EMOM Upper/Core (3 Burpee EMOM)

50 Perfect Form Merkins

100 Leg Raises

150 Overhead Claps

200 Flutter Kicks

2 Lap Indian Run


For those that don’t know, YHC is a teacher, and this year I’ve been able to combine both passions: teaching Special Education students and social studies.

One of the first standards is based around Jamestown and the 1st Thanksgiving.

The 1st Thanksgiving was actually very different than we think. (1) It was originally celebrated in October, (2) they didn’t eat turkey (plenty of venison to go around), (3) OH, and this feast was a Thanks to God for putting the Natives in their lives.

Thanksgiving was actually the first “Christian” holiday of the new colonies. It was significantly more grounded in Christianity than even Christmas; again, the whole point was to thank God for his blessing of the Native Americans.

Without the Natives, those of Jamestown would’ve ended up just as those of Roanoke did: gone without a trace.

However, the Natives taught them to hunt more efficiently, but more importantly, they taught the Pilgrims how to farm. That’s right, the Native Americans, not the Pilgrims, were your original American farmers.

Where is all this going? Well, on this Thanksgiving Eve, I’m quite certain you’re taking time to recognize aspects of your life in which you’re thankful.

The time you take to express thankfulness is great. The time the Pilgrims took to express their thankfulness was great; however, I think we all know the eventual future of the Native Americans.

Rather than be forever thankful, as the colonial population grew, they dropped the attitude of gratitude and took advantage of their Native friends. There is a reason we have “Trail of Tears” signs all throughout this area.

I challenged each Pax to remain thankful throughout the whole year, and never take advantage of those aspects in which they’re thankful. Embrace them. Love them. Encourage them. Support them.

Finally, YHC expressed a great deal of gratitude who defeated the fartsack and came out this morning!!


“Remember guys it’s ok to go to your knees if you can’t do it right.”

What’s the modification for Burpees

Pax was fairly quiet.


Thanksgiving Co-Q (Iron Butt [Respect, Respect] & Skitch) Convergence at Hill City!!

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