Maybe Made to 80’s Music

QIC:  Clothespin

Date: 11/30/2020

PAX: Escobar, Bandwagon, Bernie, Ramrod, FNG-ted, FNG-Raspberry, Lutefisk, Slim Shady, M.I.A., Uncle Joe, AOL, Mothballs, Oui Oui, Madoff, Picabo, Blackout, SeaGull

AO: Hacksaw


Damp with a cool breeze. Perfect for quick pace to keep warm!


Forward Fold Silent Count
SSH 20 in cadence
Willy Mayse Hayse 14 in cadence
Little baby Arm circles forward (thumb up) 15 in cadence
Little baby Arm circles reverse (thumb down) 15 in cadence
Overhead Claps 15
Seal claps 10 in cadence

The Thang
Gave the Pax a choice between Gorilla Humpers and Burpees! You see what they chose!

Gorilla Humpers Wall sit!
Moseyed over to the bridge and did a Gorilla Humpers Apocalypse with 1 minute wall sits between rounds. Last couple of rounds did Willy Mayse Hayse, Downward Dog and Pickle Pointers. Then Moseyed over to the Pavilion. Exercises done in cadence!

Under The Pavilion.
ATMs 3 Rounds
Routine All done in order, with no rest, without leaving plank position. Can be scaled using higher reps. 15 Alternating Shoulder Touches In Cadence (4-count), 10 Tempo Merkins (down on the 1-2-3, up on 4), 10 fast Merkins. That’s 1 complete round.

Alabama Ass-Kickers 3 Rounds
Down on all fours, kick each leg individually up and back. 4-count on each leg – 1 up, 2 extend, 3 back to up position, 4 down.

Aiken Legs 3 Rounds
Done in succession with no rest — 20 Squats, 20 Step-ups, 20 Lunges (10 each leg), 20 SSH

Groundhogs 10 3 Rounds
Divebomber with a look

Boxcutters 15 IC
Jane Fonda 15 IC Each Side
Mosey back to Parking Lot for COT


1 John 4:18
There is not fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.
If we have Jesus Christ as the lord and boss of our lives, we have no reason to fear!!!


I had to reassure Lutefisk that I was not trying to scare off the new guys with the sexual exercise references!

I forgot the gorilla noises this morning…..

I made sure the “kids” knew that we were listening to 80’s music which was made a long time before they were born! Someone pointed out that it made have been playing while they were being made, I doubt it though. May have been playing when their parents were being made….


Blanket and toy drive, Clothespin on Q at The Battery tomorrow, Pray for the sick and downtrodden!

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