“Dust” in the Wind


Date: 1/7/2021

PAX: 9Volt, Abercrombie, Blackout, Clothespin, Mrs Baker, Sniffer, Thin Mint, WreckedEm, WuzntMe

AO: The Battery


A cool 32 degrees, but no wind to speak of


Mosey to the top of the hill and circle up.
1 x SSH
1 x Burpee
Forward Fold
10 x WMH
10 x LBAC
10 x Reverse LBAC

Mosey to coupon stack to pick a winner

The Thang

With coupon at one side of the parking lot PAX completed increasing (then decreasing) reps of Thrusters, Merkins, and LBCs, running to the middle of the lot for merkins, and to the far side of the lot for LBCs, then completing the exercise give while waiting for 6. Then PAX walk back to the coupons for the next set.

ThrusterMerkinLBCExercise till 6 is In
123Hold 6 inches till 6
246Hold 6 inches till 6
369Hold 6 inches till 6
4812Hold 6 inches till 6
51015Pickle pointers till 6
61218Pickle pointers till 6
71421Pickle pointers till 6
81624Pickle pointers till 6
91827Pickle pointers till 6
102030Hold high plank till 6
91827Hold high plank till 6
81624Hold high plank till 6
71421Hold high plank till 6
61218Hold high plank till 6
51015Plank Jacks till 6
4812Plank Jacks till 6
369Plank Jacks till 6

Return coupons to stack and mosey back to the flags.


You don’t have to ask to be a leader to be followed.

Tony Dungy remarked on a time when he was new to the NFL that a guy he had seen as a mentor said that he didn’t ask to be an example to others, but Dungy informed him that it wasn’t his decision to make.

Two separate quotes from the book Family Discipleship by Matt Chandler and Adam Griffin were shared:

“leading your family means going first, initiating what needs to be done. It starts with you. Whatever your family needs, meeting the need begins with your action.”

“Parents are as much mentors and servants as they are masters… Your role is to identify the needs of those under your care and sacrificially meet them.”


PAX commented on the playlist that gave ambiance to the Thang. Proof that a generic 80’s rock playlist is better for a workout than the Full Metal Jacket soundtrack, as well as the musical noises being made by the PAX. Although Sniffer has no sense of smell, he did not appreciate the emanations proceeding from said musical noises.

Counting is hard, though all PAX eventually understood the pattern of the increasing reps.

The compulsive tendencies of some PAX (namely Blackout) nearly caused them to complete remaining sets rather than attend COT.

Fanny packs are always in style.


Make a plan to plug in to 3rd F opportunities.