“Track” Day Fun


Date: 01/12/2021

PAX: Blackout, Goo-Goo, John Doe, Meow Mix, Oui Oui, FNG – Pink Slip (Respect), Seagull, Shawshank, Tatonka, Toe Tag, Vaccine, Woodrider, WuzntMe

AO: Parliament


A warm feeling 38 degrees.


Warmup lap
20 x SSH
Forward Fold
10 x WMH
Iraqi Tea Time

The Thang

PAX Paired up – attempting to match speed.

Catch Me If You Can

Lap 1
Partner 1 Performs Walking Lunges
Partner 2 Completes 10 x Thrusters with Coupon and carries coupon to catch Partner 1
Flapjack and continue until 1 lap complete

10 Count

Lap 2
Partner 1 Bernies
Partner 2 Completes 10 x SSH (no coupon – thanks for asking) then runs to catch Partner 2
Flapjack and continue until 1 lap complete

10(ish) Count

Lap 3
Partner 1 Bernies
Partner 2 Completes 10 x Coupon Squat then rifle carries to catch Partner 2
Flapjack and continue until 1 lap complete

Usain Bolts until time (PAX calls out exercise for remainder of PAX to perform while that individual runs a lap) – run around the bleachers/pad
Flutter Kicks
American Hammers
Freddie Mercury’s
Low Plank
Alternating Side Plank
Scissor Kicks
Crunchy Frogs
Big Boy Sit-up’s
Third Grade Exercise


I was reading an excerpt from Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller and it was speaking on cultivation. I was trying to explain a thought on what I had read to a friend while my son kept trying to interrupt me to play with him. I realized I was cultivating something with my actions then by ignoring my son.

We all cultivate things constantly, both in positive ways and negative. My challenge to the PAX this morning was to push them to cognizant of what they are cultivating and to keep trying to improve themselves, the others around them and their community by being intentional with their actions.


All PAX were excited intrigued about the idea of “Track” Day with coupons. Upon arriving to the AO, YHC was informed Track Day should consist of approximately 80% running. Today “Track” Day consisted of at least 85% traveling around the track in a counter clockwise motion, so mission accomplished.

The above estimates are deemed reliable by YHC, however the ability of YHC to accurately estimate percentages was called into question by some of the PAX. One of the same PAX has reason to question YHC due to inability to patiently wait for a complete 10 count.

John Doe is the master of the mid-beatdown EH.

Today marked the first Track Day YHC was not lapped multiple times by Tatonka.


Sousa on Q tomorrow for … MORE coupon fun at Parliament

WuzntMe makes YHC regret today’s workout tomorrow at Hacksaw

Be on the look out for more opportunities to get involved in 3rd F activities – both Habitat for Humanity and at Chubby’s.