Sheldon Comes to The Huey

QIC: Blue

Date: 12-17-20

PAX: Mr. Clean, Gretel, U-turn, Ducktales, Friar Tuck, Hasbro


33° and a brisk wind


  • Stretches for each body part
  • Ssh
  • Shoulder Blasters

The Thang

Sheldon Cooper

A series of 4 exercises 10 reps each followed by a mosey lap, then reps decrease to 9, 8, 7……..and so on. Exercises were as follows……

  • CPR
  • Sumo Squat
  • Captain Thor
  • Contra Burpee

Contra Burpee (modified)……..1st Round, regular burpee. 2nd Round, burpee w/ 2 Merkins. 3rd Round, burpee w/ 3 Merkins. Basically, a burpee with increasing number of Merkins each round.


Vulnerability……..there’s something to being vulnerable. Society and culture want us to believe we have to be perfect and have it all together all the time, but no one does and no one wants to say they don’t. We have a prime “safe space” with our brothers in F3. F3 has allowed me the opportunity to be vulnerable and get the support I didn’t know I needed. Keep that in mind next time you’re dealing with or going through something on your own. Reach out to a brother in F3.