The Wagon Wheel – Short track

QIC:  Sidekick

Date: 01/23/2021

PAX: Best in Show; Slim Shady

AO: Battlefield


32 degrees


Informal warm up today. Did some stretching, did some repetitive movements. Just got warm a little. Then took a lap.

The Thang

First day back for me so we did some modification to the Wagon Wheel. Same basic concept, just imagine a wagon wheel with a hub, spokes, and the wheel. That’s basically it
Title of exercises or routine
Wagon Wheel

8 stations around the mostly round track at the battlefield.

Mahktar Mercans X10; Block Press X15; Jungle Boi Squats X10; Big Boi Sit Ups X15; 8 Count Body Builders X5; SSH X 20 (4 count); Imperial Squats X10; Crab Claps X10 (4 Count)

With only 3 PAX, we stayed together. Complete the exercise on the paper and run to the hub, which is marked by the Golden Gloom Shovel. Perform 3 Burpees and run back to your station. Complete the prescribed exercise again. Run around the track to the next station.

Repeat until all 8 stations have been completed.

Once Complete, we took a couple of cool down laps to finish it off



We talked about a mostly peaceful transition of power in our government. We are all ready to get back to some sense of Normalcy



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