That’s not a Hill, THIS is a Hill

QIC:  Oil Can

Date: 02/11/2021

PAX: Skitch, Bru Cru, Cupid, V-Squared, Sunshine, Back Pew, Rodeo, Gimli, Deer Jack, Sherlock, White Glove, Cowbell, Care Bear

AO: Hill City


Despite the high percentage chance of rain prior to going to bed, it turned out to be a pretty good morning. Very minimal precipitation could be felt, but only during the COT. Otherwise, it was a fairly cool morning in the gloom with not much of a breeze.


Little Baby Arm Circles (forward & reverse) x10 IC, Big Arm Circles (forward & reverse) x10 IC, Overhead Press x10 IC, Sideways Press x10 IC, Willie Mays Hays x10 IC, 3rd Grade Exercises x10 IC, Quad Stretches OYO, SSHs x10 IC

The Thang

Split PAX into two groups.
Mosey to the Walnut St bridge. Stop & do 10 Squat Jumps OYO on the way.
Round 1
1 Group bear crawls ~75 yards along the bridge & mosey back. Other group does LBCs. Flap Jack.
Round 2
1 group does crab walk ~75 yards along the bridge & mosey back. Other group does Incline Merkins. Flap Jack.

Begin to lunge for ~ 100 yards. Part way through, everyone moseys for a period, then stopped to do 5 burpees. Finish off 100 yard lunge. Mosey back to the end of the bridge, then continue moseying to Kent St hill. On the way to the hill, everyone stops & does 5 burpees.

Rounds 3 & 4
Group 1 bernie up the hill. Once one person has reached the top, everyone can mosey back down. Group 2 does their choice of squats, merkins or flutter kicks. Flap jack, then rinse & repeat.

Bernie up Kent St hill & back down Forest Ave and continue back to Hill City parking lot. On the way to the parking lot, stop & do 10 burpees. Time.


Today was all about distractions. When you really start to think about it, we are constantly distracted in life. Something as simple as a notification on your phone distracting you from what you were doing. Someone who texts or calls you. Maybe you have to leave work briefly to go pick up something from the shops. Distractions, distractions, distractions. YHC encouraged PAX to think about these distractions & how they deal with them.


Best thing to come out of today was when Rodeo was doing some flutter kicks at the bottom of the hill. A real southern guy stopped in his truck to ask if Rodeo was ok, before then saying that he thought Rodeo may have been dead!

YHC had never done a workout at the Kent St hill so was excited to go up it a few times. Definitely one of the steepest streets in Chattanooga & the hills of Renaissance Park have got nothing on it. Great view from up the top too. It was fun to hear from a few PAX who hadn’t been over to the hill in a while. Excited to conquer it again at a future Q.


Promoted the 3rd F painting event with Habitat for Humanity this weekend.

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