OTB 2/13/2021

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 02/13/2021

PAX: She Shed and Snatch

AO: Breakfast Club? Crucible?


Cold and Moist…


1 Lap Mosey

The Thang

An “edited” version of “The Capoot”
Run 2 Laps

50 Upright Rows

Run 4 Laps

50 Bent Over Rows

Run 8 Laps

50 Hello Dolly

Line Up. 1 Pax Bear Crawled/moseyed back while the others completed shoulder shrugs. Rinse and Repeat with AYG Sprint/Bernie Back.

Mosey to Pavilion. Completed Dips, Incline Merkins, Inverted Rows. Mosey to top for completion


Life can be very difficult at times. Going it alone, in many cases, only makes it more difficult. As a man, we are taught to be independent in tough situation almost to the point of shame when done. However, like pride in other situation, an over abundance of independence will lead to a fall as well. Therefore, we must reach out and admit our struggles and ask for help. While, there is a line between over sharing and opening about struggles, we still must reach out for help. How do we find the line? Simply this: reach out to someone you know, trust, and love who will help you and also tell you when it’s “T.M.I.”


“Clean, if you’re having trouble, then you can use my kettlebell, it has that nice handle — Snatch.

“Hey Clean, why don’t we go over this….you know what, I’ll shut the hell up and let you Q.” — She Shed

“It was Nordic Track’s workout from the Huey Thursday that I’m still feeling, YHC concurred


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