Bernie MASH – Legacy Edition

QIC:  [Seagull]

Date: [02/25/2021]

PAX: THA Flock

AO: [Legacy]


[Gloomy with a chance of Sunrise]


[Take a clockwise Mosey lap around the Heritage House trail, to showcase the 4 stations of the Trail for the Beat-Down.

Do 20 O-Y-O Merkins, Aquamans, Squats, Hundreds, then do a forward fold and backwards bend x2.
Then do Shoulder Work: 7 Exercises. Keep your Arms raised the whole time. Hold 45. Forward Arm Rolls. Backwards Arm Rolls. Shoulder Presses. Chinooks. Cherry Pickers. Hold 45.]

The Thang

[Bring an Extra Pair of Quads!]
Bernie MASH – Legacy Edition
[Do it Dora style with a partner.

Each group does a collective 100 Merkins at station 1, then Bernies to station 2. Each group then does a collective 100 Aquamans, then Bernies to station 3.  Each group then does a collective 100 Squats, then Bernies to station 4.  Each group then does a collective 100 Hundreds, then Bernies to station 1. 

Each group, then in the same pattern, does a collective 80, 60, 40, and then 20 of each of the exercises, with Bernies in between each exercise station. 

If a group finishes before the rest, that team does lunges from station 1 to and back from the Heritage house, giving enough time for the other groups to finish, or for time to be called.]


[Most men spend their lives in futile rebellion against things they cannot change, and they live in passive resignation to the things they can change, and they never attempt to learn the difference, living in chronic guilt and self-doubt.]

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