Kamala Harris Would be Proud!!!

QIC:  Clothespin

Date: 02/26/2021

PAX: Woodrider, WuzntME, Coldplay, Blackout, Abercrombie, John Doe

AO: Parliament


Some rain but lots of enthusiasm… Being under the school awning was not conducive to the workout……


SSH 25 arms up while running

WMH 12 arms up while running

MNC 15 Keep arms up while running

BABY ARM CIR 15 Keep arms up while running

BABY ARM CIR REV 15 Keep arms up while running

SEAL CLAPS 15 Keep arms up while running


The Thang:

The Crabwalk up the bleachers sucked couldn’t get a rhythm going….

Bleacher work:

Round 1: Bear crawl up bleachers step down with a squat on the way down.

Round 2: Crab Walk up the bleachers step down with a squat on the way down.

Round 3: 5 dips each step on the way up walk down steps

Dora: While partner is doing exercise other goes out approximately 75 yards do 4 squats and come back.

50 burpees

100 Merkins

200 SSH

300 LBC

400 Imperial walkers


1 Minute Plank


1 Minute Plank

Flutter Kicks (lead by the man himself… Coldplay!)

1 Minute Plank


1 Minute Plank

Kamala Harris….(Heels to Heaven) 12 OYO

Forward fold IC


Slow Teapots IC


S.S. Leadership

  1. I am the captain of my ship.
  2. I am in Ship Shape
  3. I chart my course
  4. I set sail
  5. I am a good crew mate.
  6. I lend a hand on deck
  7. I check my compass
  8. I persevere through storms.

    There is an elementary school in Cleveland that has this as a mural on the wall. It really stands true for all ages. Be the leader that you are called to be. Be a leader to yourself, to your family, to your friends and your coworkers. F3 is a leadership group, take that and apply it in your life. Push through the storms in life. Bad weather is where your leadership shines!


The mumble chatter was real this morning especially during the Mary session. I really enjoyed the banter back and forth. Examples below:

We rename “Heels to Heaven” to “The Kamala Harris” because we lay on our backs with our legs up and “push” our way to the top.

Abercrombie was offended by the above conversation….

“I want to be a senator”……….


Pray for ElChapo, Keep Chubbies and Habitat for humanity in mind, Mayhem on Q at Battery tomorrow (2-27-2021)

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