Go be a Warrior

QIC:  Sidekick

Date: 03/06/2021

PAX: Mayhem

AO: Battlefield


37 and clear. Slight breeze


Stretched on our own for a bit; SSH ICX15; Willie Mays Hays ICX15

The Thang

Go be a Warrior

Off we go. 1.4 mile run to LFO HS

Mahktar Endjye 15 OYO

Reverse Lunges for 25 yds

On to the bleachers

Guessing game – I am thinking of a number in my head between 1 and 10 (inclusive cause you know that’s how we roll) and Mayhem has to guess it. We take the difference of his guess and my number and that is how many incline mercans we do followed by the number of box jumps up the bleachers. Exact guess gets 1 rep of each.

We repeat this going down with Dercans.

Move to the left – Man-makers on each bleacher al the way up; walk it down

Move to the left – Extended lunge and “power step”, all the way up; take one foot and skip a bleacher, flex this down into a groin stretch lunge, then push off with the lower foot to have both feet on one bleacher. Walk down

Dip Planks – Find a dip spot. 10 second count in the extended position, 5 xecond count in the bottom of your dip, repeat this over and over again until your arms give out. 30 second rest and do it again.

Down on the football field – 2 burpees, jail break across, 3 burpees, mosey back

Head the 1.4 miles back to home base

LBC, Freddie Mercury, heel Touch – all ICX15; Pretzel crunch ICX8 each leg



Self accountabiltiy is important for driving yourself to your goals. Hard to judge success and failure without holding yourself to some standard of performance


Mayhem is pretty good at reading my mind. The largest difference we had to do was 5 reps. pretty impressive


F3 softball team out there on slack

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