Time to Change the Clocks

QIC:  Sidekick

Date: 03/15/2021

PAX:  Purple Rain, White Glove, Sunscreen, Sports bra, Pebbles

AO: Beast Ridge


57 and clear


Forward Fold, Willie Mays Hays, 3rd Grade exercises, SSH, Seal claps, Overhead claps, Slow Squats; Mosey to the practice soccer field

The Thang

Mercan Clock – Assume Plank. Wherever you are pointing is 12:00. 1 Mercan, rotate to 1:00 and 1 Mercan; Rotate to 2:00 and 1 Mercan; Rotate to 3:00 and 3 Mercans; Repeat aroudnthe clock with 1 Mercan per stop at 4,5, 7, 8, 10, and 11. 6 Mercans at 6, 9 at 9 and 12 at 12

De-escalating 4 Corners

Using the soccer field for the 4 corners and the following format – Mosey from Corner to Corner; Corner 1 and 3 are core exercises; Corner 2 is legs; Corner 4 is upper body.

Round 1 – 25 reps – LBC; Squats; Pickle Pointer; Mahktar NDaye

Round 2 – 20 reps – Heel Touches; One Legged bulgarians; Freddy Mercury; Shoulder Taps

Round 3 – 15 Reps – Big Boi Sit ups; Jungle Boi Squats; Dying Cockroach; Fingers out Wercans

Round 4 – 10 Reps – Pretzel Crunch; Imperial Squats; Pickle Pounders; Diamond Mercans

Dip Planks – Up position for a 10 count, down position for a 5 count; Repeat until I get tired

Wrap up with a second Mercan Clock

Mosey back to the flag



Today we talked about the passage where Jesus used clay to cure a man’s blindness. I think this relates to us today in the fact that we can all be blinded by things in our lives but only truly see what’s important through our relationship with God. Good to think on


Mercan Clock was a hit


Convergence at Ridgecut on 3/24 in memory of Night Sweats

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