Coldplay’s Curvy Ladder of Complaints

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 04/02/2021

PAX: Abercrombie, Blackout, Cavity Search, Coldplay, DNF, FNG-McFly, Mr. May, Tatonka, FNG-Waxoff

AO: Parliament


33 degrees on April 2nd. Anything else need to be discussed?


SSH x12 IC

Willie Mays Hays x12 IC

Shoulder Blaster x12 IC

Forward Fold OYO

SSH x12 IC

The Thang

Catch Me if You Can — Bear Crawl

Pax 1 — 21 Reverse Crunches. Recover. Catch Pax 2.

Pax 2 — Bear Crawl

Flapjack. Rinse & Repeat.

Rounded/Curvy Ladder

Round 1

12 Blockees

200M Run (1 curve and back) — Repeat after each round.

Round 2

12 Blockees

21 Curls

Round 3

12 Blockees

21 Curls

22 Merkins

Round 4

12 Blockees

21 Curls

22 Merkins

40 Bent Over Rows

Pax finished with Rounds 1 — 4 will work back down the ladder in descending order.


Clothespin posted something in Slack about 2020 basically encouraging us to focus on the positives of 2020 and mentioned some of the wonderful things he got to do like spending time with his family.

Oftentimes we don’t brag on people who speak of the positives, but we see plenty of advice pointing toward the woes of complaining, and rightfully so, complaining can become very toxic in so many ways.

As I pondered this thought, I realized that, much like the old adage of praying for patience and receiving things to be patient about, complaining or over complaining will lead us down a path in which we see things in our lives to complain about.

In 2020, My M and I did not have Covid, we did not lose anyone close to us due to Covid, we spent many hours with each other that normally would not happen, we still got paid and kept our jobs despite schools being closed, we did not experience any real hardships medically, my wife received a major surgery that even without insurance we were able to pay for, the M found FiA and is now a very integral part of their foundation and growth.  

Sadly, we tended to jump on the 2020 Sucks bandwagon, and now 2021 has offered up plenty of things in which to complain simply because they have been much more personal than those causing that overall attitude of 2020 sucks.  

Misery loves company, so I would love to start airing the grievances that have already come with 2021 whether it be emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological, or occupational, but I think I will take a lesson from 2020 and focus on the positive.

My 2.1 turned 2, and one week later stole the show at my sister’s wedding reception.

Oh yeah there is another, my baby sister got married and found an amazing man who is Christ focused.

During financial struggles, we have made it through just fine and even enjoyed an occasional indulgence. Of course, much of this comes as a direct result of the wonderful F3 and FiA relationships in which we’ve been blessed.

Relationships with couples our age have developed and/or blossomed 

My 2.0 is excelling at school and gets better each day at his various athletic endeavors.

He loves harder and deeper and prays with more soul and love than most grown men I know.

My M is healthy, beautiful, works extremely hard, loves with more of herself than she really has to offer. My M takes 2nd place only to God as the driving force to keep me going and help guide my ship. 

Having gifts in our lives in which we would happily sacrifice so many things to enrich those gives leaves us asking what is it that we really have to complain about, or at least, in my humble opinion, it should


I have to bear crawl around this whole track? — Coldplay

Tatonka and Abercrombie are not made of the same human the rest of us are…

Hackliment coffeeteria is so strong, we helped a homeless man or starving artist right there in the parking lot. Coldplay has pictures.

21 does not come after 12. 22 does come after 21. Public education is amazing.

In Arkansas they’re learning to identify numbers. (Or some variation of this statement) — Cavity Search

The mumblechatter was just fun this morning.


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