Barometer Day of Remembrance

QIC:  Tatonka

Date: 04/06/2021

PAX: Coypu, Cavity Search, Flemish, M.I.A., AOL, Mothballs, Toe Tag, Bonsai

AO: Parliament


46 degrees – cool but not too cool. Excellent weather for setting and breaking benchmarks


Mosey 1 lap around the track

SSH x 21 in cadence

WMH x 21 in cadence

Quad Stretches x 21 seconds each leg OYO

Fat Joes x 21 seconds each leg OYO

Little Baby Arm Circles x 21 in cadence

Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles x 21 in cadence

Mosey 1 lap around the track

The Thang

The first Tuesday of every month at Parliament is barometer day where we try to beat previous benchmarks set in prior months.
Barometer Day

1 mile run

2 min AMRAP Merkins

2 min AMRAP Big Boy Situps


After the conclusion of the barometer day exercises, we performed the following:

25 x Flutter Kicks in cadence

25 x Air Squats OYO

25 x Imperial Walkers OYO

Repeat 3x

Time allowed for the workout die to be rolled several times. PAX completed various exercises based on what came up on the die including: 30 second plank, squat jumps, lunges


Today is a meaningful day to me. I knew from my first post in September that I wanted to Q this day. I asked the AOQs weeks in advance to let me have this day. Today marked five years to the day since my father suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. I wanted to take this day to honor and remember his as I believe he embodied all the tenants that F3 encourages.

F1 – Fitness: My father’s first career spanned 20 years as a Navy SEAL. He began his career with Underwater Demolition Team 21 and eventually SEAL Team 2. He was no stranger to being in the best shape of his life and even after his retirement he continued to push himself to become better each day. The 21 reps/seconds during the COP represented his time with UDT-21 and the 2 laps around the track represented his time with SEAL Team 2.

F2 – Fellowship: Being a member of an elite group of warriors brings with it a type of fellowship that few others truly get to experience or understand. I shared that at my father’s funeral, numerous members of my father’s BUD/S class (075- hence the 3×25 reps of exercise after the barometer exercises) were present. Most of these individuals had not interacted with my father for well over 40 years, but you wouldn’t have known it that day. Their presence, attitudes, and conversations about my father made it seem like they had all been side by side from the time they first met on the beaches of Coronado. I also shared the story of my fathers wishes to have his ashes spread by sea, air and land, representing the three environments where a SEAL is expected to operate (this was also represented in the workout by the flutter kicks (sea), air squats (air), and imperial walkers (land). He had some ashes spread over his alma mater by his roommate who was a Navy pilot. He had some buried at a memorial wall at the church he was a long time member of. His spreading culminated at the Navy SEAL museum in Fort Pierce, FL where the modern day SEAL was born during WWII. Annually, around Veteran’s day, there is a SEAL muster there that includes demonstrations, key note speakers, a beach 5k, and a beach front memorial service for SEALs that have passed away that year. Part of the service involved active duty seals swimming out the ashes of the deceased for one final swim at sea. My father’s ashes were also swum out and spread by two members from his BUD/S class. SEALS always have a swim buddy during training and his classmates wanted to make sure he had one until the very end. I will never truly be able to understand the bonds forged by these men during their time serving, but the sensation of this moment can be described as nothing less than powerful. Quite the fellowship indeed.

F3 – Faith: My father was an elder of Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church until the time he passed away. He was one of the most Godly and faithful men I have ever known and he continued to grow and cultivate his faith each and every year. He put his blood, sweat, and tears into serving his church in any way possible including serving as an Elder, teaching Sunday school, leading men’s groups, and serving on mission trips. He was a true HIM through and through.

I concluded by encouraging the PAX to think of someone impactful in their lives – whether it be a family member, spouse, friend, or mentor – and reach out to them to let them know the difference they have made in the PAX’s life. It’s easy to get distracted and to say you will do something tomorrow, but sometimes the opportunity slips by and we don’t ever get another chance to do so. I challenged the PAX to reach out to someone this week and just let them know how much they have meant to the PAX’s life.

As a final note, this just happened to be my 75th post. Seeing as how my father’s BUD/S class was 075, I couldn’t help but smile at this serendipitous moment.


Further discussion needs to be had as to whether or not warm up laps count towards the barometer day mile

Barometer day occurs on the first Tuesday of the month – some PAX may have made a mental note to avoid showing up on the first Tuesday going forward

Cavity Search’s VQ is this Friday at Parliament. If it rains, we aren’t sure who is going to be on Q.


Legacy clean up day is this Saturday immediately following the morning beatdown. Check Slack for waivers and information

2nd F opportunity this Friday. Check 2nd F Slack channel for details

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