Another Blue’s Q Ladder

QIC: Blue

Date: 04/06/2021

PAX: Uturn, Nordic Track, Doogie, Ducktales, Cleaver, Gretel, Steam Engine, Roomba

AO: The Huey


A little warmer 55° with clear skies


Some SSH’s, some WMH, 3rd Grade Exercises, some shoulder blasters, Forward Fold (aka The Burrito), and some more SSH’s

The THANG!!!

A ladder of 10 exercises, doing 10 reps each, hard count where applicable, and a ~1/3 lap mosey in between each round.

  • CPR’s
  • Toe Merkin
  • Incline Clap Merkin
  • Step Up w/ Coupon
  • Dips
  • Squats w/ Coupon
  • Captain Thor’s w/ coupon
  • Merkin
  • Imperial Walkers
  • V-up’s

Only one Beer Truck this morning, so 5 Burpee payment


Grace……….prayers for me and my ability to extend Grace to those around me. Challenge to have patience and not judge those around us, but extend them Grace.

Mumble Chatter

Some of the PAX were unclear as to which exercise to start with, and asked multiple times about the starting exercise. A solid simple workout enjoyed by all PAX. Another beer truck and a Red Bull truck came by during prayer requests, so we didn’t include that in the workout. Sadly no one but me was upset about that.