Keep It Simple Stupid

QIC:  M.I.A.

Date: 04/30/2021

PAX: BM&E, Lanyard, Shrooms, Sunscreen

AO: Ridgecut


60ish and perfect



Willie Mays Hays

Forward Fold

LBAC (forward and non-forward)

Mosey to Lutefisk’s house and back to coupon stack

The Thang

Split the PAX into two groups (3 and 2)

Group 1 – Perform exercise listed below
Group 2 – Run to the end of soccer field, do 3 burpees, mosey back

PAX completing exercises did the below exercises, which rotated every 3 minutes.

Shoulder Press – with coupon
Imperial Walker Squats
Plank Jacks
Extensions of the Triceps


KISS – “Keep it simple stupid” is something I first heard in college, but something I still need to be reminded. I tend to overcomplicate workouts, make elaborate plans, even drag out discussions with a toddler. Sometimes its best if I simplify and take a more direct approach and this applies to quite a few facets of life.


YHC was happy to meet some PAX that I haven’t gotten a chance to post with previously.

One of YCH’s favorite games is to ask a question like “how did you get your name?” while PAX are doing Manmakers… and trying to breathe.

Lanyard will likely start carrying sod from Ridgecut to all future beatdowns. He is a big fan of the healing properties of the turf apparently.