AMLAP @ Shothouse

QIC: Blue

Date: 4-23-21

PAX: Milkman, Mr. Clean, Nordic Track, Sherlock, Slois Lane, Ponce, Heisenberg, Cleaver, Geek Squad

AO: Shothouse


A warm 50ish with hazy skies, but clear and nice.


Some stretches, some SSH’s, and a mosey w/ a coupon to the track.

The Thang


As Many Laps As Possible

Odd Laps

50 yard line visitor side – 5 Manmakers

50 yard line home side – 5 inchworms

Even Laps

End Zone 1 – 10 Capt. Thor’s

End zone 2 – 10 Imperial Walkers (hard count)


Using some of Slois Lane’s CoT from the previous week about “Alpha Males”, one of their characteristics is being vulnerable. No one has all the shit together, but everyone thinks that everyone else has it all together except for themselves. We are out here in the gloom with our brothers to get better physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc. It takes more strength to put yourself out there and be vulnerable than it does to just keep it inside. Pushing it down and keeping it inside, what ever “IT” may be, only works temporarily……..until it festers enough to come out and then, most if the time, it comes out in a negative or destructive fashion. It’s ok to be vulnerable. That what our brothers in the gloom are here for, to help one another.