Linguistic Evolution;;First Time Welcoming of a PAX for the Fifth Time in a Week; Demands to Be Inspired and the Shame from Buckling Under Pressure (royalties to David Bowie from Vanilla Ice’s BackBeat Robbery)

QIC:  Gusher

Date: 05/18/2021

PAX: A-A-Ron, Blowpop, Burrito, Catfish (Respect), Coypu, French Lick, Hambone (Respect), Holy Kiss, Jorts, Mansiere, Pelt, Pomade, Pound Dog, Prosciutto, Recycle, Red Raider, Ricky Bobby, Tonka, Truck Stop, Zima

AO: Smackdown


Just below the stratosphere lies the troposphere, where the atmospheric weather conditions are felt. Oft and in sundry times dating back to the legendary tales of yore, such conditions were summarized with neandertholic grunts of prepubescent cave toddler, “outside warm, inside coldened damp.” “That’s “cold AND damp, not coldened damp,” chimed the Father Neanderthal. Thus the discourse marker conjunction was born and the method of communication changed forever. The weather not only tells one how they will feel, the weather transforms linguistics. And this morning, conditions fell upon the mountain in a pleasing cocktail of air pressure, temperature, and moisture. 60 degrees Fahrenheit (Respect Respect) greeted the PAX upon their approach to the gloom, with 74 percent (Respect Respect Respect) humidity standing a little too close and balmy with a hint of outdoorsy smell akin to a seventh grader to embarrassed to shower after phys. ed (P.E. also for engineers) and not enough AXE body spray to get through homeroom. The weather is finally approaching that warmth where middle age men don their shorts to expose their sun-starved legs;;;those weight-bearing locomotive structures shining like beacons in the night;;;or maybe that was just YHC with strapped on glow sticks to lead the mosey. Only will ever know, and none will never tell. Like airplanes in the night sky, like shooting stars, I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now-ow-ow. At approximately 5:44 ante meridiem, a few rain drops fell. Apparently that dispenser of liquid droplets from the atmospheric water vapor in the sky expelled its surplus of moisture in complete ignorance that our High Impact Man Pomade stood within our midst. It had to have been ignorance rather than audacious arrogance that would compel a cloud to shower the earth. I think we collectively heard a whisper whilst Pomade planked his mountain climbers in impeccable form, “yeah, not today Satan.” And that was that. After about 19 total rain drops, things cleared up real fast. Don’t mess with Pomade’s aura of guaranteed dryness. The man will not be defeated and we are all the stronger, as well as all the less soaked, because of him. All in all, conditions felt fine. Yes, we see you, 30.24 in of atmospheric pressure. But seeing doesn’t really mean understanding. We are not quite sure what you do and why you feel the need to precisely toss around your bizarrely precise pressure. You really can’t round down to just 30, or make it an even 30 and a quarter? It HAS to be 30.24? UV Index is literally 0 and not even he cares. UV is all like, you know what? Sure, I HC’d but I am not showing up as long as Atmospheric Pressure is doing his .24 stuff. Ok, sorry. Not sure where that came from. Now sentences are ending in prepositions, which is abominabled sadness. “That’s ‘abominable and evokes sadness,” whispered Father Neanderthal in an exasperated tone, thereby developing sentence structure for generations to come.


SSH (30-ishIC);;;forward fold (OYO); Willy Mayz Hayz (IC); Iraqui Tea Time (IC); Arm Circles forward and then reversed (IC);;;;;;;;SSH (21.24IC)


Ladder with 10 rounds. In between each round run across field and back
5 Merkins, 10 Overhead Press, 15 BBSU, 20 Squats, 25 Curls, 30 Mountain Climbers, 35 Monkey actions, 40 SSH, 45 LBCs, 50 Shoulder Taps
Mountain Climbers and Shoulder Taps Hard Count.

If reach the top of the ladder in the time given, climb back down beginning with round 10.


Leadership through humble service and by learning from those around you:

Proverbs 18:12 

Before destruction a man’s heart is haughty, but humility comes before honor.

Proverbs 11:2 

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.

The wise and humble leader is “willing to disadvantage himself for the advantage of the group or community he leads; whereas the proud and self-focused man is willing to disadvantage the community for the sake of his own advantage or advancement.” 

In the particular spheres of influence we find ourselves, how we can look to lead today by humble service and self-sacrifice for the good of our family, for our friends, or others and are we willing to lead by humble service. The proud man leads harshly and often in a way only to make himself look great, even at the expense of others. Let us lead humbly by being among the ones we lead, gaining wisdom from others around us. There’s so much to gain from the gifts of others. We can do forward folds on our own, but let’s lead with humble service in cadence with others. How can you sacrifice today and how can you become better by those around you. 


It was difficult to hear all the mumble chatter this morning as we were lined up 21 men along the sideline. Therefore, most chatter took place among 3 or 4 at a time or none at all. But one can only imagine the discussions that took place. On one end there were the exercise legends of Holy Kiss and Red Raider. I think the main thrust of the discussion was coming to an agreement on Driver Transport Fees to F3 in Uber/Lyft fashion. Obviously, Red Raider, just like is covetous squats, was bargaining for a lower rate. Then there was Ricky Bobby to the immediate left of YHC. This man of European descent crushed the workout with veteran fervor. For certain, like the atmospheric pressure, YHC understood only 30.24% of what he said. However, there was 100% agreement on the playlist. Music brings the world together. It’d be great if someone thought of an idea where people from all over the world got together to record a video singing about We Are the World, or something. F3 bootcamps are where ideas never before conceived are birthed into life. And it is free. F3 is free, not the video. There was other talk about baseball. Zima’s son hit a home-run for the Royals. The long ball lives on in youth baseball. There is a thread increasing in anger on the Neighborhood App by Signal Mountain residents, allegedly of the less run differential teams, that The Cardinals, I believe, are juicing or at the very least corking their aluminum bats. Prosciutto donned his Nolan Ryan inspired Renegade Jersey to basically remind opposing team parents, “don’t rush the mound when I am tossing pitches to my team, It will not end well, just ask Robin Ventura.” Something about looking at the date and/or following the science of the run differential. Things are getting testy. Things then took a turn for the worst when one of the moms in charge of the juice boxes brought Aldi’s brand Belle Vie sparking water and not the mountain-approved La Croix or S. Pellegrino. This, for the time being, seems to be a nice diversion for the Cardinals. YHC does not see this controversy ending anytime soon as no one wants to be accused of shopping at Aldi while residing in a 37377 home. Apparently, the conspiracy theory (or is it a conspiracy) suggests that the Belle Vie was planted surreptitiously by a….wait for it;;;;;;;waaaiiiiittt fooooooor iiiiiiitttt;;;yes, you guessed it, a Cardinals parent in order to create a diversion while loading up their hitters with Muscle Milk Chocolate flavor. You really can’t make this stuff up. The Neighborhood App is legit and if one is not getting their sources from reliable places like social media, then don’t enter the game. F3 U-6 soccer is still dominating and standing like a buttress against accusations of fraud. Coypu has posted about six times in a row and still gets greeted as though he hasn’t been to a workout in months. Given that the UV Index is 0, YHC has no idea whether this is as result of unmitigated friendliness, early onset collective dimentia;;;or, intentional harassment. One can literally see nothing. With one sense down, the others are supposed to be heightened. Yet, it is well-nigh impossible to ascertain the audible intonations and the motivations that undergird such welcoming. CoyPu (Coy Pu) (Coypu) literally rattled off his post days faster than Rain Man counts toothpicks and yet continued to be greeted with heckles as though he had not been seen in 18 fortnights and 13 new moon phases. The demands to be entertained and inspired in the seconds prior to the COT exposes one’s inability to withstand pressure. “Entertain me,” “Inspire me,” “10 to Odds its coming from Proverbs;;;;”…(ill-advised ellipsis use),,;;;all of this is almost too much. This is why some can’t urinate on a plane. The stress is too much. The humidity too high. But at the end of the day, or at the beginning, if one is going to buckle under pressure, there is no better group to do so than the men of F3 Smackdown. The banter is great, the envy of boulder-sized calves understandable;;;the wisdom gained minimal; and joy inexpressible.

It is also good that the Word of the Day is announced after the post: May 18, 2021 in the year of our Lord word of the Day: Judder: verb (used without object), to vibrate violently. Noun – the state or instance of juddering. Origin: Judder is first recorded in 1926 and refers to the shaking of automobiles (or their parts), probably in reference to FORD Motor Company. Hail GM. Judder has no precise etymology, probably because Atmospheric Air Pressure is narcissistically hoarding precision only for himself; it may be a combination of jolt or jerk and shudder;;;;or it may be a variant pronunciation of shudder. Or it may be a result of attempting to pronounce shudder (a legit word) with a sever speech impediment. F3 and Language is open to all men and all pronunciations. It is not a cult and is free.


Real News Reported Here First: will check Neighborhood App and report back as necessary.

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