Dora Three-Way

QIC: Dundee

PAX: Friar Tuck, Hasbro, Daisy, Bobbit, Cleaver, Gretel, Milkman, Starbucks, Doogie, Snowcream, Clean, Blue, Hoveround, GeekSquad, Slois Lane, U-turn

Date: 05-18-2021

AO: The Huey


62 degrees, low humidity. Perfect sweating weather.


The usual … SSHs, 3GEs, WMHs, Imperial Walkers, Shoulder Blasters.


PAX split into teams of 3. First PAX starts on the first exercise station, other two run to second station. Second PAX stops at that station and begins the second group of exercises. Third PAX finishes lap back to first PAX and swaps. Repeat until all reps are counted for the team.

First Station:
* 150 Jump Squats
* 300 Lunges
* 450 Hello Dollies
* 600 Toe Merkins

Second Station:
* 150 Dive Bombers
* 300 Merkins
* 450 Pickle Pointers
* 600 Air Presses (Raise the Roof)


It’s important to identify your Jester. Sometimes, it’s obvious, like social media, or alcohol, or porn. Sometimes, it’s less obvious, as with YHC, it’s a sense that slacking has been earned. “I posted this morning, so I deserve a double cheeseburger at lunch. I worked in the yard for three hours today, so another beer at dinner isn’t going to hurt me.” For F3 brother Clothespin, it was a sense that he didn’t belong — he wasn’t good enough or strong enough and people were judging him. The key is that your Jester is a liar. It wants you to fail, and it will coax you into believing that you should. Not just overcoming your Jester but learning to recognize it is key. But not just for yourself. When you are EHing that next FNG, identifying their Jester will help them see why they need to find themselves in the gloom at your next post. Maybe ease them into the F3 lingo, though.