7 of Diamonds

QIC: Blue

Date: 05-19-2021

PAX: Dundee, Snatch, Bobbit, Ponce, She Shed, U-turn

AO: Detention


A warm and moist 67° with intermittent sprinkles of water from above.


Some SSH’s (42 total for my birthday), some stretching, 5 Manmakers, and a mosey to the pavilion down at the ball fields.


7 of Diamonds

Start at the pavilion/concession stand and mosey to the four corners of the fencing, doing specified exercises at each corner in multiples of 7.

Round 1 – 7 Burpees x 4 corners

Round 2 – 14 Squats x 4 corners

Round 3 – 21 BBS’s x 4 corners

Round 4 – 28 Shoulder Taps(single count) x 4 corners

Round 5 – 35 Calf Raises x 4 corners

Round 6 – 42 SSH’s x 4 corners

Round 7 – 49 LBC’s of which time only allowed 1 corner


Accountability again. It’s been on my mind lately that we need to start holding one another accountable. I don’t say anything to my brothers in the gloom due to my own fear of sounding condescending or risking offending someone. But if not here then where? Aren’t we supposed to hold one another accountable? Isn’t that how we become better? If we can start with something as simple as our form during an exercise then maybe it’ll be easier outside of the F3 workouts?

Mumble Chatter

PAX who were in attendance at Shothouse last Friday for my Q, we’re quick to tell me about the stinging sensations they received when the water from their respective showers touched that infamous spot at the top of the crack of the ass. Especially when we started in on Round 3 with the BBS’s. They were even so kind in saying that their calf muscles were going to really be thanking me tomorrow after the 140 calf raises in Round 5. It all ended well with our Name-O-Rama when Snatch misspoke and called himself “Blue Snatch”, to which the rest of the PAX then added “Blue” to their names in honor of my Birthday. Snatch even blessed me by not telling me to shut-up even once because it was my bday Q. Good times were had by all and we all got a little better.