Fun in a Forbidden Land

QIC:  Sidekick

Date: 05/12/2021

PAX: Escobar, Uncle joe, Bernie, M.I.A., Top’em, AOL

AO: Hacksaw


52 and Clear


Forward Fold ICX12; Willie Mays Hays ICX12; SSH ICX20; 3rd Grade Exercises ICX12; LBAC-REV-Overhead Claps-Seal Claps ICX10; Slow Squats

The Thang

Start at the Big Flag

Roll your Poison

One dice, 6 exercises – 10 Blockees, 20 Dercans, 20 Block Lunges EC, 20 Overhead Press, 20 Block Squats, 20 Curls

PAX take turns rolling dice and performing reps. 4 rolls of the dice then off to the next thing

Run to the Pickle ball courts

Each PAX chose a court, starts on the left sideline. One Pax calls 20 reps of a core exercise. When reps are complete, each PAX performs traveling Mercans from left sideline to right sideline, then takes up position on the next court.

Repeat this for four rounds

Run back to the big flag

Repeat 4 rounds of the Dice routine, then run back to the courts

Repeat the core routine for 4 rounds, run back to the bug flag



Active listening is a skill that we should utilize more frequently. At home, at work, etc. Sometimes not responding but just being an ear is all you need.


Little did we know what would come from the city later this day. Glad its been resolved now


Memorial day convergence, 7 AM at the Dame

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