From Dad Bods to Father Figures

QIC:  Tatonka

Date: 06/18/2021

PAX: Gretel, Wuzn’t Me, Wrecked’Em, iLean, Cavity Search, Mayhem, Happy Ending, Choo Choo, Sousa, Ramrod, 9 Volt, John Doe

AO: Parliament


Mid 60’s and low humidity – a pleasant modification position change for this time of year.


Mosey 1 lap around the track

SSH x 10 IC

WMH x 10 IC

LBAC x 9 IC (“Sorry I finished too early” – jokes were made)

Reverse LBAC x 10 IC (“The second time is always longer”)

Seal claps x 10 IC

Overhead claps x 10 IC

Chinooks x 10 IC

The Thang
In honor of Father’s Day weekend, we are trying to transform our dad bods into father figures

1 min AMRAP Merkins.

2 min. Plank

1 min AMRAP Squats

2 min Plank

1 min AMRAP Mountain Climbers

2 min Plank

1 min AMRAP Little Baby Crunches

Mosey 1 lap around the track

At this point there was much complaining dialogue about the length of the plank. So, YHC being the great all around guy that he is, called an audible and provided PAX with the following position change:

The same format as above was repeated 2 more times except we reversed the timing on the exercises and planks. We started with 1 min plank and then moved to 2 min. of the exercise. Mountain climbers were removed from the rotation.

After 3 total sets we finished with mountain climbers for time


Q shared the following passages from a few books he has been reading:

“If you look at a window, you see fly-specks, dust, the crack where Junior’s frisbee hit it. If you look through a window, you see the world beyond.”

“I believe That we all have a God-given purpose, and we won’t be fulfilled unless we’re living that purpose in a meaningful way.”

The context of the first quote was a metaphor for how to approach reading the Bible. The second quote comes from a leadership development book I’m reading. I think they go together and shared with the PAX trying to look “through the window” of your life instead of just “at the window” of our exterior to discover your purpose. I encouraged the PAX to try to drill down to a purpose that leads to true transformation and focuses on the contents within ourselves rather than a simple “achievement” style purpose that might just focus on a label we are given.


9 volt was quick to point out that Happy Ending had red marks on his knees (from the track) after the workout

Jokes about Sousa’s mustache never get old, especially when there is a funky bass intro to the workout music.

Gretel has a great measurement system for determining the appropriate length of workout shorts. You should ask him sometime.

2 mins of planks multiple times was not a crowd favorite.


Missionary Ridge ruck tomorrow. Gretel has details if you are interested.

Fallen Five Memorial Ruck on 7/17

Charity Dinner on 7/16 in conjunction with Fallen Five weekend. Marcus Luttrell is guest speaker.

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