QIC:  Dundee

Date: 06/24/2021

PAX: Mayhem, Rollback, Sousa, M.I.A, Blair Witch, Nordic Track, The Count, Uncle Joe, AOL,  and Toe Jelly

AO: Legacy


A cool 66 degrees, limited fire ants, moist grass.


SSH – 25 IC
WMH – 10 IC
3GE – 10 IC
LBAC – 15 IC
BBAC – 15 IC
MNC – 15 IC
OHC – 15 IC
SC – 15 IC
RTR – 15 IC

The Thang

Pax will do a ladder of the below rounds. After each round, do all previous exercises, adding the next on the list. Additionally, every minute, on the minute (EMOM) do three burpees.

5 – WMDs
10 – Bonnie Blairs
15 – Imperial Walkers
20 – Carolina Dry Docks
25 – Ballerina Squats
30 – Big Boy Sit Ups
35 – Air Presses
40 – Gorilla Humpers
45 – Hello Dollies
50 – Merkins


At a beatdown a while back, I overheard someone say, “I’m glad this is free, because I don’t think I’d show up if I was being paid.” Similarly, I have a tricky relationship with a family member who believes that she is owed my time and labor, as long as she pays for it. Too easily, we tend to value things in terms of their monetary equivalent. The outcome is often that things without a monetary equivalent get devalued. When we commit to our wives, our kids, we don’t think of those things in terms of cash value, and it should be the same with all other commitments in our life. If you volunteer to do something, the commitment you make to that is not less just because there is no money involved. Make your commitments to people, not to your wallet.


“Less than 50 burpees left” was not as encouraging as it was intended.

Each Pax did 111 burpees, some in their own way.


Fallen 5 Memorial Ruck and convergence – July 17, 0700-0800 convergence beatdown at The Dame, rucking event to follow. First beatdown is free, register for the rest here: https://f3chattanooga.wpcomstaging.com/rucking/