Who thought we would do Chicken Peckers?

QIC:  Gretel

Date: 06/29/2021

PAX: Blue, Bobbit, Cleaver, Doogie, Dundee, Footloose, Friar Tuck (respect), Hasbro, Hoveround, Jenny Craig, Lyft, Money Shot, Mr. Clean, NordicTrack, Picabo, Recycle, Roomba, Sheet Stain, Slois Lane, Truck Yeah, U-turn

AO: The Huey


clear, humid, warm




LBAC forward/back 10 each IC

Mt. Climbers 20 IC

Forward Fold OYO

3rd grade 10 IC

Marine Corps pushups 10 IC


Mosey with coupon to back parking lot

The Thang

Everyone line up with coupon across one end of parking lot, PAX will complete 1 exercise then move coupon to next parking lot line and complete 10 bent over rows with coupon, leave coupon there and return to baseline and complete next exercise, run to coupon and move to next line, do 10 bent over rows, run back to baseline and do exercise, etc. etc.

Parking lot at The Huey is 20 lines long, so complete 20 rounds.


5 burpees

10 merkins

15 squats

Once PAX reach last line and complete row there, mosey a lap and return to parking lot, hold plank or Al Gore till 6 is in.

Finisher: At baseball field shack, PAX split into 2 groups. First group lines up along shack and completes 10 Chicken Peckers IC while other group holds plank, then flapjack. Then, first group back on the wall for 10 Australian Mt. Climbers IC while other group holds plank, then flapjack. One more round of Chicken Peckers. Mosey to flag with coupons.


From the Q Source: Preparedness is getting ready for the expected while being ready for the unexpected.


Great group at The Huey today to send off Bobbit as he is moving to Knoxville.


Fallen 5 Memorial convergence and ruck event, July 17th, details several places in Slack. Convergence beatdown 0700-0800 at The Dame, HC in csaup-convergence channel.

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