Mt. Crushmore Christened with Sweat

QIC:  Dundee

Date: 07/07/2021

PAX:  8 Seconds, Boner, Chunks, Cleaver, Happy Ending, NordicTrack

AO: Detention


A very light, very welcome drizzle. It was as if the sky just couldn’t hold even a drop more humidity and started sweating itself.


Mosey with a coupon to the bottom of Mt. Crushmore.

3GE 10 IC
Shoulder blasters
Imperial Walkers x 15

The Thang

Round 1:
50 curls with the coupon.
Rifle carry to the top of the hill.
50 more curls.
Hold plank for the six.
Mosey down the hill unencumbered.

Round 2:
50 pickle pointers.
Bear crawl to the top of the hill.
50 more pickle pointers.
Hold plank for the six.
Mosey to the bottom of the hill with the coupon.

Round 3:
50 shoulder presses with the coupon.
Lunge with coupon to the top of the hill.
50 more shoulder presses.
Hold plank for the six.
Mosey down the hill without coupon.

Round 4:
50 mountain climbers (hard count).
Bernie Sanders up the hill.
50 more mountain climbers.
Hold plank for the six.

Round 5:
50 pickle pounders.
Jailbreak up the hill.
50 more pickle pounders.
Mosey back to the flag with coupon.


YHC was proud to name NordicTrack as co-AOQ for Detention. Reliable, consistent, faithful, his Q workouts always focus on leaving no man behind and no man where you found him — he’s the definition of a HIM that should lead an AO forward. Detention is in good hands.


YHC debated bringing a soundtrack and decided against it. It was the wrong choice. We tried to fill in with some a capella, but no one was in a singing mood. Lung capacity was at a premium.

We didn’t take a vote, but the Mt. Crushmore name stuck. Hat tip and T-claps to Roomba for coming up with it. Shame he wasn’t there to ‘enjoy’ it.


Habitat for Humanity on Saturday, 7/10.

Fallen Five CSAUP at the dam 7/17. Beatdown led by Gretel 7-8, followed by a ruck to the recruitment center and back with more beatdowns along the way.