QIC: Blue

Date: 08-03-2021

PAX: Nordic Track, Doogie, Slois Lane, Life Alert, Truck Yeah, Boy Band, Cleaver, Geek Squad, Altar Call, Roomba, Gretel, FNG-Lunch Lady, Dundee, Starbucks, Chunks

AO: The Huey


A slight chill in the air compared to the last few days, at 67°. Clear skies with a slight breeze every so often. Moisture abounding, on the grass and on the PAX.


  • Imperial Walkers x 25 (hard count)
  • FF OYO
  • Iraqi TT OYO
  • SSH x 27
  • LBAC – reverse x 15
  • Forward x 15
  • Overhead Clap x 15
  • SSH x 19
  • 5 Burpee’s OYO
  • Mosey 4.5 laps (~1mile) to Love Shack


– Love Shack

  • 5 Beer Truck Burpees OYO
  • 10 Incline Merkins OYO
  • 10 (hard count) Step Ups
  • Mosey back to track

– Murder Hornets

– Murder Bunny 10 yards

  • 10 Manmakers (1st 10, 5 BT Burpees OYO)
  • 10 (easy count) Lunges w/ coupon
  • 10 BBS’s w/ coupon

*repeat 2 more times for a total of 30 yards

  • Hold plank (all together) ~ 30 seconds
  • Right hand to the sky (side plank) ~ 15 sec
  • Plank ~ 15 sec
  • Left hand to the sky (side plank) ~ 15 sec
  • Plank ~20-25 seconds

– Murder Bunny 30 yards back to start.

  • Murder Bunny 10 yds – 5 He-Manmakers*
  • Murder Bunny 10 yds – 10 CPR’s
  • Murder Bunny 10 yds – 10 Curls for the Girls
  • Murder Bunny 30 yds back to start for time


I’ve said it before………..GRACE. We read, watch, listen, etc to the news and get so upset, angry, etc with whatever info we gather from those sources. My challenge is to turn off the smartphone, computer, tv, podcast, radio, or whatever news source you have. Then go have a conversation with your neighbor, your coworker, anyone in person that you haven’t spoken to before, or haven’t spoken to in a while. Offer everyone you come across in your daily walk…….GRACE. We are a leadership group. We should lead by example. I GUARANTEE not all of us here today have the exact same opinions/beliefs about any single subject. We are the example of showing GRACE & RESPECT to one another. Take that out into your homes, your work, your church, wherever you happen to be. GRACE.

Mumble Chatter

Sadly I don’t ever really remember any mumble chatter. Gretel did happen to ask why it’s called a “Murder Hornet”? I have no idea, but am motivated to find out the story behind the title. It came to my attention a month ago that what I considered two names for the same exercise, were in fact 2 different exercises………..Blockee’s & Manmakers. Last night, searching through the F3 Nation Exicon, a Blockee & a Manmaker are basically the same thing as far as I can decipher. The confusion comes from a Manmaker Merkin. That exercise isn’t anywhere close to a Blockee.


  • Chubby’s Homeless Ministry
  • Detention Q – Wuznt Me
  • Shothouse Q – yours truly
  • August 14th Convergence, Pancake Breakfast, & Blood Drive for Captain Wafer