Legless Burpee Square


Date: 08/7/2021

PAX: Bung, Toe Jelly, Sousa

AO: Legacy


71 Degrees, No Wind, Quiet Peaceful Morning


SSH X 15

WMH x 10

Don Quitoes x 10

LBAC X10 (fwd and rev)

Hummingbirds x10

Seal claps x10

Slow squats x10 IC


The Thang

Four cones set in diffferent spots around heritage park.

One cone in center

Run to cone 1 (20 reps) Big Boys

Run back to center (5 burpees)

Run to cone 2 (19 reps) Lt Dans

Back to center (5 burpees)

Run to cone 3 (18 reps) Murder Bunnies

Back to center (5 burpees)

Run to Cone 4 (17 Reps) Box Cutters IC

Rinse and repeat until Reps are down to 1 at last Cone.

Cone 1 (back left corner of heritage house)

Big boy sit ups

Cone 2 (on walking path under big oak tree)

Lt. Dan’s

Cone 3 (in grass field in front of front parking lot)

Murder bunnies

Cone 4 (on walking path Intersection near bridge)

Box cutters IC


We talked this morning aboout guarding our heart, our lives play out based on what is in our heart…..if we are harboring guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, lust or anything like that, those things impact shape and impact our actions toward other and our language toward others.

Each day we should look to fill our hearts and minds with God’s Grace and allow it to pour from our mouth’s, while keeping our eyes fixed on Him.

Challenge for this week to the PAX, work hard to build up the people around them, with our words and actions, being a light in our communities, homes, workplaces and just where ever we are.

Proverbs 4:23-24 Above all else guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Keep your mouth free of perversity, keep corrupt talk far from your lips.


Great way to start off a saturday morning, with the PAX, outside of the Lt. Dans. YHC when building this workout had only done 3 reps of that exercise in prep, Thinking “yeah those arent to bad”! Well 19 of them to start out with IS NOT FUN! they really do make you “Feel like you aint got no legs”

We stayed moving the whole time, and im sure it seemed like we were following a lady around the park that was walking her dog. she probably hated us, every time we got near, her dog would freak out and would drag her all over the place. she would snatch his leash back to her to keep him from dragging her across the grass. as we were ending the beatdown, she is putting her dog in the car, she stopped us and said ‘ I really do love my dog, just aving a bad day” yes maam! we totally understand. Bung pushed hard! Did great on the runs being at the front of the pack for many of them!


Convergence with FIA next sat at miller park at 8 am

Blood drive to follow at 10

urging F3 Members to give blood early to avoid taking time slots for those outside of F3 who may want to give. Blood drive flyer on Slack.

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