Burpee Mashup Ladder


Date: 06/06/2022

PAX: Picabo, TT, Rebar, Juice Box, Night Fever, Term Limit, Tube Squeeze, Freebird, Hurt Locker

AO: The U


Clear 64 Degrees, Felt Like 64 Degrees, Humidity 75%, Wind 3.0 mi\h from se



F3 – Core Principles


mosey to front center parking lot in front of school.

COP – Warmup


Merkins x 10 IC

Lbac x 10 fwd and rev 

Cherry Pickers x 10

21’s SSH IC

Mosey to student parking lot for Thang….

The Thang

All pax will stay together for the entirety.

We will pick up the 6 after each set of parking lot islands

Pax will do a burpee at each light pole adding a burpee at each additional light pole. PAX will Bernie between islands. Once to the end of the row, pax then mosey to next set of islands.

Row 1 (light poles) (4)  – Green

Row 2 (plain islands) (5) – RED

Row 3 (light poles) (4) – Green

Row 4 ( plain islands) (5) – RED

Row 5 (light poles) (4) – Green

Every other row has light poles. On rows where islands do not have light poles the burpees count will be the same as the previous light pole. 


ROW 1 (Kracken Burpees 1,2,3,4) – MOT (Bernie)

ROW 2 (Triple Merkin Burpees 4,4,4,4,4) – MOT (Karaoke)

ROW 3 (Navy Seal Burpees 5,6,7,8) – MOT (Bernie)

ROW 4 (Double Merkin Burpees 8,8,8,8,8) – MOT(Karoke)

ROW 5 (Regular Burpees 9,10,11,12) – MOT (Mosey)

Once Workout was Completed each pax had finished

(138 Burpees and 306 Merkins)




I have been sitting on this workout for about 4-5 months…… once i got it all together, i put it aside knowing it was going to suck. 

 I wanted to break it out, but not really…..I always made up some excuse…..I had originally planned this for REBARS first morning out, but changed last minute….other times it was raining……I just let excuses get in the way.

When I got down to the root of it all, why did I procrastinate? Because I really didn’t want to put in the work. I wasn’t willing to put myself in an uncomfortable position to push myself and others. 

A lot of these early morning are not fun, it sucks being in the middle of these workouts, it’s painful, we feel like quitting and giving up, but when it’s all said and done when we are finished, the feeling of completion we get is awesome, knowing we likely completed the hardest the we will do all day……..we did that before 6:30 in the morning. 

So today, this week, this month, the next time a difficult or hard situation presents itself, don’t shy away, just because you don’t want to do it.

Step into the middle of it, push through the pain, thru the difficult times, and get the work done!


we had many moans and groans throughout this mornings beatdown.

Rebar told the Q before we got started that he loved him, despite the pain that was coming.

Picabo complained and complained, Juice Box and Freebird just kept on moving like this type of work was normal for them. We had several comments from “respectable” pax on how it would be nice to be in thier 20’s again. then they groaned as they went back into all the burpees.

The Pax all did an awesome job! They Pushed through and Finished! Well Done Men!!

We finished about 1\3 of a mile from our vehicles, so most of the pax walked back and had some fellowship time, 3 of the more “respectable” pax decided to mosey back to thier cars, this was the point where we learned that freebird does not like anyone to beat him, as he joined the front group as to not finish first… LOL



Anvil Relaunch (poundtown)

Fallen five

Lookouts Game

Recent Backblasts

    Triple Travelling 11″s

    QIC:  AOL

    Date: 05/25/22

    PAX: Shake n Bake, Up in Smoke, Sherlock, 8 Seconds, Snatch, tasty Cakes, Lyft, Blue, O.B., Shea

    AO: Shothouse


    68 Degrees, Humidity 93%, Wind 4.4Mi\H From SE


    SSHx 15

    Forward fold OYO

    WMH x 10

    LBAC (fwd& Rev) x 10

    Cherry pickers x 10

    Chinooks x 10

    21’s (with penalty burpees)

    The Thang

    Triple Travelling 11’s on the football field

    it wasnt 3 sets of individual 11’s, we did them all at once…….

    o Run 10 yards, (1) HR burpee, Am. Hammer, Lt. Dan’s. Run back to Goal Line, (10)Hand Release Merkins, BBS, Jump Squats

    o Run 20 yards, (2) HR burpee, Am. Hammer, Lt. Dan’s. Run back to Goal Line, (9)Hand Release Merkins, BBS, Jump Squats

    o Run 30 yards, (3) HR burpee, Am. Hammer, Lt. Dan’s. Run back to Goal Line, (8)Hand Release Merkins, BBS, Jump Squats

    o Run 40 yards, (4) HR burpee, Am. Hammer, Lt. Dan’s. Run back to Goal Line, (7)Hand Release Merkins, BBS, Jump Squats

    o Run 50 yards, (5) HR burpee, Am. Hammer, Lt. Dan’s. Run back to Goal Line, (6)Hand Release Merkins, BBS, Jump Squats

    o Run 60 yards, (6) HR burpee, Am. Hammer, Lt. Dan’s. Run back to Goal Line, (5)Hand Release Merkins, BBS, Jump Squats

    o Run 70yards, (7) HR burpee, Am. Hammer, Lt. Dan’s. Run back to Goal Line, (4)Hand Release Merkins, BBS, Jump Squats

    o Run 80 yards, (8) HR burpee, Am. Hammer, Lt. Dan’s. Run back to Goal Line, (3)Hand Release Merkins, BBS, Jump Squats

    o Run 90yards, (9) HR burpee, Am. Hammer, Lt. Dan’s. Run back to Goal Line, (2)Hand Release Merkins, BBS, Jump Squats

    o Run 100 yards, (10) HR burpee, Am. Hammer, Lt. Dan’s. Run back to Goal Line, (1)Hand Release Merkins, BBS, Jump Squats


    start at goal line

    Bear crawl to 10 yard line – 1 absolution

    Bear crawl to 20 yard line – 2 absolution

    Rinse and repeat to 50 yard line. Time Called!!


    How many of you are fathers? Husbands?

    As men our day to day lives can be difficult, so many things have our attention.

    Wife, Kids, Work, Clients, what ever it may be.

    The thought of manhood in this day in age, often take a negative connotation.

    But lets look at the characteristics of AUTHENTIC MANHOOD.

    Characteristics of authentic manhood

    1) Rejects passivity

    We are not just sitting on the sidelines, not just doing nothing, we are not letting our wives, make all the decisions…we are actively involved in our familes

    2) Accepts responsibility

    We take responsibility when we do wrong, we are not placing blame on others, we step into the hard times in life, admit where we are wrong, or where we mess up, move on and learn from it.

    3) Leads courageously

    We get out of our comfort zone, leading is never easy, for someone like me who doesn’t like being in the forefront, easpecially leading a mens workout group. But we step into those roles, and lead, even though a lot of times we may be afraid or scared.

    4) Expects God’s greater reward

    We take time out of our day to spend time in his word, we go about our days knowing our days may not be easy, but we push through, give God the glory in all that we do, and praise Him for all he does for us. 


    The Grass on the football field was soaking wet, so from the first set of exercises on, the PAX were soaked.

    There wasn’t a whole lot of mumble chatter at all, the men came to put in work and thats what they did.

    Blue did mention once or twice how he did not care for the Q at that very moment, but he took that comment back once the workout was complete.

    This was YHC’s first time Q’ing at This AO, and i Enjoyed everyminute of it!

    Great PAX, Great Leadership, I will surely be back! Thank you for having me.


    Upcoming Convergances (Memorial Day BURPH), (Fallen 5), (Lookouts)

    Donations for chubbys, toilet paper

    Prayers for Families and all involver in Texas Shooting.

    Recent Backblasts

      Jack Webb’s Twin

      QIC:  AOL

      Date: 01/20/2022

      PAX: Mayhem, Sojourner, Sousa, Shawshank, Free Bird, Mandela, Blair Witch

      AO: Legacy


      42 Degrees, Spitting Mist, Wet Ground


      SSH X15

      WMH X10

      LBAC X10 (FWD &REV)

      MERKINS X 10


      SSH X 15

      The Thang

      The Thang 1

      Jack Webb’s (1:4) to

      5 HR burpees & 20 SSH

      The Thang 2

      Broke the PAX into different groups of 2, for four stations. (Two groups had 1 guy each, we needed a runner)

      PAX at each of the stations did AMRAP of what ever exercise station they were at, Timer was the runners when they returned to you, then they all went to the next station. next set of runners took off, rinse and repeat.

      We completed two full rounds of exercises

      Overhead Press with coupon


      Head shoulders knees & toes


      The Thang 3

      Jack Webbs (1:4) to 10 squats and 40 curls

      This was Brutal! this was done in the last 10 minutes of the beatdown, after all was said and done we completed 55 squats and 220 Curls!!



      Matthew 6:34 (NASB20)

      “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

      22 ¶ And he said to his disciples, “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat, nor about your body, what you will put on.

      23 For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing.

      24 Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap, they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds!

      25 And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?fn

      26 If then you are not able to do as small a thing as that, why are you anxious about the rest?

      27 Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin,fn yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

      28 But if God so clothes the grass, which is alive in the field today, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will he clothe you, O you of little faith!

      YHC Talked about our mindset, not to worry about things that are out of our control, but to focus on Christ and what has been done for us. Look to Christ throughout our everyday tasks, thru all the decisions that have to be made.


      It was a little bit warmer than it has been the least few days, most of the moisture had moved out, but we still had some mist throughout the beatdown. Mumble Chatter was a plenty, multiple conversations during the first couple thangs. the complaining really started when the second jack webbs started. the only one that the curls didn’t seem to affect was Mandela. i guess he just wakes up first thing and knock’s out 220 curls before he goes to the bathroom in the morning. i think i saw him yawn at one point. his only weekness sems to be if his hands are cold…….but in the end, we had lots of moaning and groaning with the curls, guys complaining that they had deskwork to do today and needed to be able to lift thier arms.


      Chubby’s — Mayhem has signup on 3rd F Channel

      Tuff Muff

      Habitat Signups on 3rd F

      Recent Backblasts

        “You can’t handle the truth!”

        QIC:  Gretel

        Date: 01/20/2022

        PAX: Blue, Doogie, Geek Squad, Hasbro, Hoveround, Milkman, Mr. Clean, NordicTrack, Oil Can, U-Turn

        AO: The Huey


        43 degrees and falling, wind at full value


        Mosey to Love Shack. Blue informed Q that there was a “puddle” on the track but did not suggest we go the other direction as the “puddle” was actually a small pond…thanks a lot Blue.

        SSH 25 IC

        WMH 10 IC

        Angle grinders 20 IC

        3rd grade exercise 10 IC

        LBAC forward/backward 10 each IC

        5 beer truck burpees

        The Thang

        EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) – Ascending/Descending Burpees with Squat and Bonnie Blair chaser

        • 8 minutes: start with 3 reps, add 1 rep every minute up to 10 (disclaimer – no one completed the 8 rep round so we just did continuous reps until time was up)
        • 8 minutes: start with 10, subtract 1 rep every minute down to 3 (at this point we were pretty smoked, so the Bonnie Blair was removed – so 1 rep was a burpee with a squat chaser)

        Count off and split into 2 teams

        Race to 60 LBCs each PAX, standing up signifies you are done

        Winning team earns the 80# sandbag, losing team gets the 60# because they are weak.

        • One PAX each team performs sandbag carry down sidewalk to track and back (~100 yards total) while other PAX complete 100 each of chicken peckers (easy count), aquamans (aquamen?), and crab position toe touches (F3 name IDK, easy count)


        Candor – Q source Q3.8 – Graciously Telling The Hard Truth And Demanding To Hear It From Others. In the world we live in today it is difficult to tell people the hard truth for fear of offending them, but we have a unique opportunity within F3 as we seek to help one another become leaders in our community. If you truly believe a brother needs to hear something, tell him without fear of repercussion. At the same time, we must be ready to hear the truth from others and act on that constructive criticism in order to better ourselves.


        Chicken peckers always pull plenty of TWSS


        Helping Chattanooga’s Homeless aka Chubby’s on Monday nights – HC on #3rd F

        Habitat for Humanity January 29 and February 19 – HC on #3rd F

        Tuff Muff February 19, Startex Lions Den – Endex Hill City, check out #convergence-csaup

        Submit backblasts for weekly “Beatdown Ring of Honor”

        Recent Backblasts

          51 Cold Reason’s

          QIC:  AOL

          Date: 01/17/2022

          PAX: Dundee, Tube Squeeze, Picabo, Sojourner, Seagull, Escobar

          AO: East Hamilton-OTB


          31 Degrees, Windy (This is hurricane country)


          SSH x 15

          WMH X10

          FWD FOLD OYO

          SEAL CLAPS X10

          LBAC X10 (FWD & REV)

          CHERRY PICKERS X10


          5 BURPEES INSUED…

          The Thang

          We moseyed to the parking lot directly in front of the school.

          We had 80’s 90’s music to jam to during the workout

          For THE THANG:

          PAX are to work through Round 1 doing 10 Reps of each exercise then 1 Burpee, then are to complete 1 lap around the parking lot. rinse and repeat until 5 rounds are complete. PAX then move on to Round two, Doing the same routine but with different exercises.

          Round 1:

          Merkins x 10

          Squats x 10

          Lunges x 10

          Big Boys x 10

          LBC’s x 10

          1 Burpee

          Round 2

          Carolina dry docks x 10

          Lt dan’s x 10

          American Hammers x 10

          Imperial walkers x 10

          Mtn climber’s x 10

          1 Burpee


          Q talked about what his M has been through since last december. Every Year YHC’s M gets a word for the year, and as The Lord would have it my M’s word for 2021 was “Remember”. and now that 2021 has ended, my M’s word for 2022 is “Endure”.

          YHC Shared a verse from the book of Hebrews.

          Hebrews 12;1-3

          Therefore, since we also have such a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let’s rid ourselves of every obstacle and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let’s run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2..looking only at Jesus, the originator and perfecter of the faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. 3..For consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

          YHC Talked about being a follower of Christ, and as a believer we are to look to Christ throughtout our day to day struggles for our source of guidance and direction. as it is through Christ that we have our source of life. Keep pressing on, no matter what you have going on. Keep your eyes focused on Christ.


          Chilly morning in the Gloom! This was by no means a workout designed to destroy everyone, but it kept us warm and allowed us to put in some work. Most of the PAX were relativley quiet, there was some mumble chatter, the parking lot still had some wet spots, so we all were watching for icy patches during the runs. it was great to have Sojourner, Tube Squeeze and Escobar out to East Ham for the first time. Escobar was moving well, didnt even look like he had a knee injury.


          Prayer requests


          Tuff Muff

          Recent Backblasts

            Frigid 11’s @ The Increased Gravity zone

            QIC:  AOL

            Date: 01/12/2022

            PAX: Blair Witch, Full Moon, M.I.A., Mandela, Mayhem, Mr. Burns, Picabo, Seagull, Sousa, Toe Jelly, Uncle Joe

            AO: Hacksaw


            28 Degrees……COLD!


            SSH X 15

            FORWARD FOLD OYO

            MERKINS X 10

            LBAC (FWD & REV) X10

            SEAL CLAPS X 10

            SSH X 15

            The Thang

            We had Four sets of cones setup on (the hill) each set was 125 Feet apart

            PAX are to complete Three sets of 11’s

            Round 1
            Pax start at cone 1 at bottom of hill,
            Complete 1 squat, run to cone 2 and complete 10 shoulder press with the block.
            Leaving the block at cone 2 the run back to cone 1, complete 2 squats.

            Repeat until the rep count switches.

            Round 2
            Pax start at cone 2 with the block.
            Curls and thrusters. Reps the same, process the same, but pax mode of transportation between cone 2 & 3 is rifle carry.

            Pax will finish and rifle carry coupons to cone three where they will use blocks on the third set of 11’s

            Round 3
            Pax start at cone 3, start with Head Shoulders, knees & Toes , pax then run to cone 4, and
            complete burpee humpers, repeat round until all reps have been completed.

            Round 1

            Cone 1 – squats
            Cone 2(B) – shoulder press

            Round 2

            Cone 2(B) – Thrusters
            Rifle carry
            Cone 3(B) – CPR’s

            Round 3

            Cone 3(B) – Head, shoulders, knees & Toes
            Cone 4 – Burpee humpers


            YHC and His family over the last several months have been through so many things.

            M’s Seizure and Memory Loss, Loss of Grandfather, Loss of M’s Brother, and now YHC’s Father being in the hospital with COVID. During this season that we are in we are learning to press on, to keep pushing forward. Perseverance is never easy, but it is necessary to move on. YHC shared a verse from the book of John.

            John 16:33 “I Have spoken these things i have spoken to you so that you may have peace. In this world you will have tribulation, but take courage, I have overcome the world.

            We will have go through seasons that will be hard, but if we look to Christ as our guide, the One who leads us through our day to day, we can continue to persevere and push through all that is going on. He Himself is our peace.


            It was a COLD morning on the side of Hacksaw Hill.

            a few PAX ended up not having gloves which made Carrying thier blocks even more painful than it already was. Mandela was seen at one point running up the hill with his hands tucked under his arm pits just trying to warm them up.

            Most of the PAX were not thrilled with what YHC had chosen for us to particpate in this morning. There was plenty of Grumble Chatter……The question that was asked was …….if any of the PAX had done something to make the q mad at them. i can say, Q was not mad at all….. just frustrated with Uncle Joe for the Ski Abs he continues to call when he Q’s…….but hey it’s all good. LOL


            Prayer Requests

            Chubby’s on Mondays

            Tuff Muff Coming up on FEB 19th

            Recent Backblasts

              Burp N Merk “Special Delivery”

              QIC:  Stork (VQ)

              Date: 12/09/2021

              PAX: Sousa, Uncle Joe, Lanyard, Blue, The Count, Mayhem, Dolly, Rodeo, Cart Girl, Gilligan, Dundee, Mandela, M.I.A., Choo choo, AOL

              AO: Legacy


              31 Degrees, Cold!


              20 SSH

              FF oyo

              WMH -10

              Lil baby arm circles 10 each way

              Cherry pickers 10

              Seal claps 10

              Overhead claps 10

              Michael Phelps oyo

              Mosey with block to work station

              The Thang

              Part 1 Mini Dora

              Partner up, together pax team performs 75 lt dans, 150 dips, 300 LBC.  While one pax works on that, the other travels with block quickly to station 2 where a 25 rep exercise is performed then mosey back with block to switch with partner.  Station 2 exercises with block- curl, shoulder press, calf press; around the world, squat-thruster, bent over pulls (each arm).  Each pax completes these 4.

              PART TWO-Burp & Merk

              Pax Circle up, We Had 16 pax, Twp Pax were selected, one on each side of the circle. The two pax that were selected drop down do 1 burpees & 1 Merkin, Then the next pax to the left of them do the same. this repeats until it reaches the two pax who originally started, then they do 1 burpee & 2 Merkins, circle moves to the left. Trend continues all the way up to 1 burpee & 10 Merkins, then back down the ladder. Total ends up being 20 Burpees and 100 Merkins

              Part 3 – absolution 5 in cadence then 5 oyo or until time ends

              Combination of a Groiner, Mahktar N’ Diayes, and Chilly Jack, done on an 8-count cadence. An awesome core and upper body workout that is both the solution to flabby abs, and a reason to beg absolution for your sins. Start in plank position and perform a single Groiner (cadence “1” jump feet forward, “2” jump feet back), then Mahktar N’ Diayes to Chillcut position (cadence “3” & “4” with drop to each elbow), then Chilly Jack (cadence “5” feet out, “6” feet together), and finally Mahktar N’ Diayes to plank starting position (cadence “7” and “ONE, TWO, etc.” with rise on each hand). Best done in mulch, dirt or at edge of grass and asphalt/concrete so hands/elbows can be on grass while feet have traction.


              Q talked about the story of David and Goliath in I Samuel 17. From that story we learn that giants in our life are often not of our own doing but places there by God.  If we let giants hang around in our lives they tend to invade our space.  Giants are truly giants when looked at through our weak eyes but are actually dwarfs when we see them as God sees sees them.  Do you have big problems and a small God or do you have a big God and small problems?

              Q related how this year he has faced more giants than he could bear and like the Israelites gave up. Then having fellow brothers encouraging him in their struggles and with their silent unspoken accountability to the gloom and DRP when Q joined F3 he was able to face his giants.


              We had a nice showing for the VQ! Mumble Chatter was present, There wasn’t really a “trumpet” section as Sousa hadn’t had the correct food the night before, no-one knows what food that might be, but he was significantly more quiet on this morning. we also got through a workout with sousa there and the block he was using survived…….Always a good thing when a block that sousa doesnt own makes through a workout. There were many comments about pax’s legs feeling like jello, between the Lt Dans, and the squat thrusters, maybe a few choice curse words….many “Thats what she said” Comments during the Burp N Merk. when the Q suggested we modify to increase the speed, it seems like most of the pax were used to shorter bursts of increased speed for minimal amounts of time. none of them are built for endurance. Also with all the up and down during the burp n Merk the Q was hoping that it would increase his deliveries in 9 months, but that would be “Hard” to do since we were on pavement………



              Convergances both Chirstmas and New years day

              12 Miles Ruck with Tipper and mothballs coming up, Date & Time Coming Soon

              Recent Backblasts

                Dora BOMBS With the “Old Guys”

                QIC:  AOL

                Date: 12/2/2021

                PAX: Pipeline, Mandela, Abercrombie, Mrs. Baker, 9 Volt, Deep dish, Clothespin

                AO: The Battery


                42 Degrees, i say cold (M.I.A has other thoughts)


                SSH X15

                WMH X 10

                LBAC X 10 (FWD & REV)

                SEAL CLAPS X10

                CHERRY PICKERS X 10

                CHINOOKS X 10

                SSH X15

                The Thang

                Partner Up:

                1 PAX does Alligator Pushups around the circle of cones. (approx 20ft Diameter Circle)

                Other PAX does BOMBS: 50- Burpees / 100- Overhead Claps / 150- Merkins / 200- Big Boy Sit-ups / 250- Squats.

                Switch until done.

                Note:  Modified to do lunges on 3rd switch and back to alligator merkins after 3 more switch’s then back to lunges to finish out.

                Round 1:

                Run to top…

                15 LT Dans at the Top:

                Back to bottom of hill…

                15 Kracken burpees

                Back to the Flag…


                Characteristics of authentic manhood

                1) Rejects passivity

                We are not just sitting on the sidelines, not doing anything, we are not letting our wives, make all the decisions…passivity looks like…

                2) Expects God’s greater reward

                We take time out of our day to spend time in his word, we go about our days knowing our days may not be easy, but we push through, give God the glory in all that we do, and praise Him for all he does for us. 

                3) Accepts responsibility

                We take responsibility when we do wrong, we are not placing blame on others, we step into the hard times in life, admit where we are wrong, or where we mess up, move on and learn from it.

                4) Leads courageously

                We get out of our comfort zone, leading is never easy, for someone like me who doesn’t like being in the forefront, especially leading a mens workout group. But we step into those roles, and lead, even though a lot of times we may be afraid or scared.


                The morning, weather wise was a pleasant one, felt a bit warmer than the temp showed, the grass was dry so we stayed there. YHC forgot his speaker, so there was no music to provide something in the background. but we couldnt let that stop us, there was mumble chatter all around, Deep dish did’nt sound like he was enjoying it very much, there was at least one comment about the workout being “stupid” which is fair, but that just made most of us think of Coldplay. the Alligator Merkins around the cones that were set up, was not fun, we switched to lunges, which made the squats that much worse. all the moans and groans from the pax may have been warranted, or it could just be that The Battery is an “older” AO and the Pax that regularly attend there are all on medicaid and Social Security, Never the less we still had to put the work in, Old guys or not. Special thanks to Cooter (who has never hurt anyone) for the AOQ swap. i look forward to being back up there soon.



                El Chapo and The IFN, needing Hot Chocolate Donations (powdered)

                Recent Backblasts

                  Track day Kracken Suicides

                  QIC:  AOL

                  Date: 11/16/2021

                  PAX: Quackers, Toe Tag, Cavity Search, Mandela, Blackout, Toto, Dimples, Sojourner, Face Plant, Wrecked’em, John Doe, Hillshire, Pitbike, Fortnite, M.I.A, Sousa, Bonsai, Mayhem, Choo Choo, ILean



                  Cold, 42 Degrees


                  ssh x15

                  wmh x 10

                  michael phelps x 10

                  LBAC X 10 (FWD & REV)


                  The Thang

                  PAX were taken to the beginning point on the track.

                  (orange cones)

                   there are 4 sets of cones from the starting point. pax will be doing suicides. as “BUY IN” PAX before starting the suicide portion they are to complete 5 Kracken Burpees…….Pax were divided into 2 groups, just to alleviate some congestion.group 1 started with kraken burpees, group2 started suicides. pax then begin sprinting to first cone then MOSEY back to starting point, then sprint  to cone 2 and back to starting point. pax repeat thru all 4  Cones, once 4th cone is reached, PAX are to make a full lap around the track & back to starting point, where they are to repeat the “Buy In” after each full lap. Rinse and repeat until Time…



                  This Morning is YHC’s 1 year F3 Anniversary! This morning is my 249th workout of 2021 this past year has been hard. before i started F3, I would have told you that if you see me running, its because someone is chasing me. I had never run a mile, and really couldnt when i started. my first barometer day in feb i ran a 10:23 mile. August was the last barometer day that i ran in, and ran a 7:01!

                  You guys have helped me dropped right at 50 lbs,

                  i have dropped two pants sizes, i have dropped from 2 x shirts down into Large shirts.

                  You guys were able to help me change my diet, we started eating better, smaller portions, drinking more water everyday, before i would drink 5-6 sodas a day without even thinking about it.

                  when i joined F3, i Never thought that this was something that i would have been able to accomplish…..i took a change in my MINDSET, that change came from you all, that it was not only possible, but that i had the ability to put in the work to get it done. i realized that no one was gonna do it for me, but i saw that i had you men out here beside me each morning, pushing me…… come on just a little bit further, a little bit faster, come on a few more reps.

                  Someone once told me of just setting a goal to get 1% better everyday. So thats what you guys did, you helped me to focused on small improvements everyday,

                  So MINDSET…..

                  Alot of these mornings are hard. Some harder than others depending on who is on Q, we tend to give into our thoughts when we think it is time to quit……keep pushing, EMBRACE THE SUCK, yeah what we are doing out here each morning, it sucks, its no fun. its COLD!!

                  they say your body can go 7 Times farther, 7 harder, than your mind tells you that you can….

                  but we might as well put in the work while we are out here.

                  make the commitment to be out here multiple times per week, show up here, travel to other AO’S, meet new men, you never know the relationships that you posting at another AO WILL TURN IN TO.

                  I wanna leave you guys with this verse…

                  Philippians 2:3-4

                  Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more than yourselves. Let each of you look not to only his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

                  That’s what I see in each one of you! 


                  The young Guys Seemed to set the pace, (Pitbike, Hillshire, Fortnite) as there was no tatonka to keep them at bay. There was mumble chatter between the guys that ended up running together, but im not real sure of those conversations, most everyone was spread out after the first round. there was some moans and groans, most of us did not want to be running, but then again it was track day, so we couldn’t NOT run. or as M.I.A tells me after the fact, you could do what ever you want, then there are flashbacks to M.I.A’s trackday Q with blocks…..noone has good memories of that day, and i wasnt there. Maybe Next time Guys!



                  Continued Donations For Captain Wafer’s Daughter

                  Letters For Thermostats Brother.

                  Thanksgiving Convergance.

                  Recent Backblasts

                    AOL’s Beatdown Extraordinaire

                    QIC:  AOL

                    Date: 08/10/2021

                    PAX: Abercrombie, El Chapo, DeepDish, Thin Mint, Cooter, M.I.A., Uncle Joe, WuzntMe, Shotput

                    AO: The Battery


                    72 Degrees, and muggy enough it uncomfortable..


                    SSH X 15

                    WMH x 10

                    Don quiotes x 10

                    LBAC (FWD & REV) X 10

                    Overhead claps x 10


                    Mosey a lap

                    The Thang

                    Thang 1, 11’s on the grass field next to the skate park. on one end of the field we started with Ranger Merkins and on the other end we did Flutter kicks (Cadence Count). Mode of transportation between the stations was bear crawls.

                    Thang 2, BBMM’S

                    Burpees 1 x N

                    Big Boys 2 x N

                    Merkins 3 x N

                    Monkey Humpers 4 x N

                    Squats 5 x N

                    Where N = Number of cycles done.

                    so then 2,4,6,8,10 then 3,6,9,12,15 etc.

                    we took a lap between rounds 2 & 3. Pax finished 5 rounds.

                    at the 3 minute mark left, Pax circled up for 2 rounds of Howling Monkeys.


                    Our Days seem so fast paced, We are always in a hurry. We have to get here, we have to get there. We get so caught up in the fastness of everyday life that we forget to enjoy what we are doing right now. Its always something in the future we are looking forward to. I Helped MIA put up a new bed in his son’s room last night, im sure he feels like time is just flying by in raising his son. we hear people say, i cant wait for my son to get to this stage, or i cant wait for my daughter to do this…..

                    So my challenge to you men is to be present in the time that you are in, and be thankful for where you are.


                    as we started Thang 1, the sweat started rolling. doing the bear crawls on the grassy field provided us all with several comments from the pax about the choice of YHC to do bear crawls. We had a couple “Stupid” Comments that is usually reserved for Coldplay. Abercrombie also commented that it may have been them most bear crawls that he had done at one time. There was some blaming going around due to the choice of exercise, that was thrown in Thin Mints Direction….he also chose bear crawls as a MOT during the 11’s that we all did during his VQ.


                    Convergence on saturday 8/14 at miller park with FIA (Blood Drive for Captain Wafer’s Daughter)

                    prayer requests for Deepdish’s wife as she heads back to school (Teacher)

                    MIA’s aunt, in hospital with covid

                    el chapo’s dad, has aneurysm and needs surgery, prayers for room to come available.

                    Recent Backblasts