Blue Said There Would Be No Running

QIC:  Blue

Date: 11-24-2021

PAX: Lyft, Milkman, Mr. Clean, Ponce, Roomba, Sherlock, She Shed, Starbucks, 8 Seconds

AO: Shothouse


C. O. L. D. A crisp 26° (per the instrument panel on my truck), with clear skies and some kind of moon, it was too cold to really take the time to look up and see.


PAX were informed pre-startex to get some light stretching before we began, b/c we would be moving and not stopping.

Some SSH’s to get things started, w/ 5 Burpees OYO, then a slow mosey to the track. That completed the warm up.

The Thang

Blue’s Q That Was Supposed to Not Be Running
Starting at the track, and starting the 2 minute EMOM timer, we slow mosey’d to various locations around the area, and by area I mean, we went from the track to the end zone, to the bleachers, the tennis courts, the sidewalk on Middle Valley Rd., down the street to Hixson Middle School entrance, to the Log Cabin, to the Middle School parking lot, to the back side of the middle school, the bus corral, to the High School Annex bldngs, back to the parking lot, to the end stop sign, then back to the Shovel Flag, then the track again, around to the bleachers, then back to the track, then back to the Shovel Flag for time. All the while, stopping every 2 Min. for 5 Burpees OYO. We also did 5 (what I now know are) Body Bag Builders IC at the first stop, various counts of SSH’s IC for a total of 145 SSH’s IC, which equates to 290 SSH’s, and we also did 31 Imperial Walkers IC. There may have been a couple other exercises thrown in there for good measure, but that was 99.9% of what we did that I can remember. The total distance was 2.25 miles.


“We don’t see things as THEY ARE, we see things as WE ARE”

Take this through you day and spend some time really thinking about it.


Too focused on staying moving to stay warm to really pay attention to the mumble chatter, and the fact that I was carrying my bluetooth speaker, so I really couldn’t hear much of anything outside the music. I do remember hearing something to the tune of taking up a collection to “get Blue some counseling” so we don’t have to endure the physical torture that is a Blue’s Q. “Blue, I thought you said we weren’t going to run today” There was also talk of Pavlov’s Dogs and the possibility of each of us hearing a timer bell tomorrow and dropping down to do 5 Burpees OYO.


Tomorrow is Turkey Day Convergence!!!! HC now in the #convergence-csaup channel on Slack.

Register for the Grateful Gobbler if you are able to join your brothers for a 5k starting at 8.

A Veterans group is hosting a food drive, so bring some nonperishable food for donations.

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